Slightly Overwhemled

Song of the Day – All at Once by Jack Johnson

When you wakeup to rain and and  a dark gloomy morning it can really set the tone for the emotional state of your day.  That is exactly what I woke up to.  When the alarm clock chimed to life I woke feeling energized and well rested.  I threw my legs over the side of the bed and traversed across the room to pull the curtains open to welcome the shining sun into my bedroom.

As the dark grey curtains swished to the left and right of the oversized window that s conveniently placed directly opposite of my bed, I was greeted by darkness, gloom and a shower of water tumbling from the sky.  Sitting on the window ceil was my cat.  White as snow but meowing out screams because the pigeons weren’t on the window ledge outside preventing him from his morning ritual of harassing the pigeons.  I felt his aggravation at the rain.  I thought to myself, “it’s 6:30 am and I was going to run.  It’s really the only reason I am up this early.”

I looked over my shoulder and saw my baby girl (a black pug if you didn’t know) laying on my bed looking at me with her morning tired eyes.  “Let’s sleep some more girl,” I said out loud as if she understood me.  I didn’t bother closing the curtains again.  Instead I just climbed up the foot of the bed and stretched my body across it.  I slept there for another hour.

When I woke again my mood was not as refreshed as it was at 6:30 am.  Now at 7:30 am I woke feeling overwhelmed and consumed with feelings.  Some feelings were personal and some were of a more professional nature and most were because I am in a period of transition.  When we experience periods of transition in our lives it’s easy to let things overwhelm you.  I don’t do well with living in the unknown.  I like living a well defined path.

With no energy in my body I pulled myself out of bed for a second attempt at getting up.  The dog leapt off the bed and jumped around my feet, what I wouldn’t give for her energy in the mornings.  I fed her, I walked her and I played with her briefly.  Then I turned on some music.

Typically in the morning I will pick a random diva and shuffle through all her music as I dance around the apartment getting ready.  Maybe a little Whitney while I shower or some Britney while I do my hair.  A shuffle of Christina has always been a good array of songs to listen to as I shave.  Today however there was no diva to fit with the rain pounding against the window in the bathroom.  Instead I turned to a song a friend introduced me to earlier this week. Jack Johnson’s All at Once.  A song about being overwhelmed with life.  My friend said if he were me he would listen to this song on repeat.

It’s funny though, whenever you think things are slightly rough, you realize that there are people elsewhere who have it worse.  That came to me this morning when I learned of the shootings in Colorado that took place at the Batman midnight movie screening.  What a dark day today is indeed.  The last time a shooting broke my heart I mentally crashed.  That was when Gabriel Giffords was shot.

I don’t understand why more people in this country don’t fight harder for stricter gun control laws.  The day of needing to provide your own security are over.  The days of needing arms to form some type of civil protection are over.  We have some of the best police forces in the world, we have an amazing armed forces.  Civilians have no reasons for handguns and semiautomatics.  The only use for guns is for hunting and even that needs to be more strongly controlled.  I’d go on a tangent about my views of how the laws should be, but that’s a posting for another time.

At the moment I am focused on Jack Johnson’s song and feeling overwhelmed with life.  Right now my living situation is in the air.  My future feels like it is in the air.  I am just overwhelmed, not to mention having a million things to do.  The only bright side to things today is that I get to share this weekend with family and friends who I love and adore and love me back. None-the-less this is a fitting song to be my song of the day and I hope you enjoy.  Maybe after lunch I’ll pull together the energy to play  a slightly more entertaining selection of music.