Autotune Sweet Brown – No Time for Bronchitis

Song of the Day – Autotune Sweet Brown – No Time for Bronchitis

I’ve been wanting to write about my trip to Virginia for days, but I’ve been completely overwhelmed and consumed with getting back into work and life.  Hundreds of emails, tons of projects, birthday parties and drama back to back have overwhelmed me to the core.  Then, after all that had been prioritized and a schedule was made to discuss these issues, drama seemed to implode yet again.

I had to decide, when faced with the decision of either engaging in drama with other people or ignoring drama and going on with my own life, what the best decision would be.  That’s when my dear friend walked over to me and told me to pull up the Autotune of Sweet Brown.  He reminded me that ain’t nobody got time for that (that being drama) and he was actually the second person to make this point that same day.

Some people in this world live for drama and some people live for themselves.  This isn’t a mean girls high school full of plastic Barbies, but reality and life in the real world.  Leave the gossip and trivial issues behind you.  Focus on your career and your friends.  Pay attention and spend time with family and loved ones.  No one has the time to engage in juvenile issues or dramatics.

With that thought process in mind it is time I get back to posting my songs of the day and today’s is Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That — AKA — Autotune Sweet Brown: No Time for Bronchitis.