Drift Away

Song of the Day – Drift Away the Uncle Kracker version

When I was in middle school I got a CD called 70 Oz of Pure Gold.  The CD was a compilation of classic songs.  One of the songs that was included on it was Dobie Gray’s Drift Away.  From the second I got the CD I would listen to that song repeatedly.  Something about it called to me and  made me play it every time I wanted to spin around the living room belting out the feelings in my heart.

Then in 2003 toward the end of my high school years Uncle Kracker released a new version of the song making it well-known in pop culture.

In high school I wanted nothing more than to be in love. I was battling severe depression at the time and was extremely lonely.  At times I wouldn’t know how to deal with my emotions so I would jump in my car and just cruise around the Northern Virginia area.  At the time I owned a yellow mustang convertible with white leather seats and a white top.  I use to put the top down in nice weather and let the sun beat down on my head.  Then I’d turn the CD player, pick a song and hit the gas.  Almost every time I was alone in the car I would sing out to Uncle Kracker’s new version of the song.

The song made me feel as if love could help make all the negative things in your life less important because love is the only thing that matters.  I thought that being in love or feeling loved would make me feel alive.

With those thoughts in mind I would sing the song as a symbol of hope.  Hope for that Hollywood kind of love to enter my life.  Hope that I’d meet a guy that cares about me so much that he can’t take his eyes or hands off me.  Hope for the kind of love where I know my man is on the other side of the room, but if I look up I know he will be looking at me with a smile because I matter to him.  Hope for the kind of love where every kiss feels like the first kiss, full of passion and light.  At the same time there isn’t a need to over analyze the song.  I sang it because I liked it, simple as that.

I am in a very different place emotionally and mentally today compared to when I was in high school.  I’m not desperate for love, but I do want it and believe in love.  I do still want that Hollywood kind of love.  So today, while driving down the country roads in Virginia to my parents house in the pitch black night, when Drift Away by Uncle Kracker came on the radio I couldn’t help but sing it.  The last time I really listened to the song was when I last lived in Virginia.  Without a thought in my mind I turned up the volume and began singing.  I love the line saying “I want to drift away, won’t you take me away.”  I can’t help but love the song for the memories it brings me, for the meaning behind it and for the fact that it shows me how far I’ve come in life.