You’re F*CKIN Perfect to me boo!

I have two friends, both men from rural areas, that have voiced that it’s different being gay in rural areas.  One lives in the north and one in the south.  Neither feel their options are very open and both have discussed with me very personal reasons as to why.  I’m not going to share their personal feelings because that isn’t my place to do so, but I want them both to know that I love them very much.

Just because you are surrounded by ignorance or people that can’t appreciate the beauty you bring to the world, doesn’t make you any less beautiful.  Just because you don’t have a friend physically sitting next to you every night making you feel perfect, doesn’t mean you aren’t perfect.  I’ll tell you (and them) that these boys are perfect to me.  Two amazing friends who lift me up every second that I am down.

One in particular has took me by storm.  Swept my world clean and honestly been one of the greatest friends I think I have ever had.  It’s strange to say that because I have a lot of great friends, but he has never made me feel judged and I have definitely given him reasons to judge me.  He always stands by me and makes me feel human.  I hope he realizes that he is amazing.  He is attractive and I am certain there are many men out there that would love to be with him.

I hate hearing people I care about hating on themselves.  I hate even more that they feel all the people around them hate on them as well.  Feeling torn down or unattractive is miserable.  People around you might not get you, but that just sings to their ignorance.  Critics are everywhere, but be your strongest advocate and I will be supporting you too.  All my friends are perfect to me!