Oooo Girl – Cher is owning me with Believe today

Believe by Cher

Can I just take a gay moment here for a second?  I mean, I know I take very few gay moments as it is.  Cher is owning me with this song today.  Do you believe in love after love or life after love?  Goodness knows after my relationship of 7.5 years coming to an end I have been devastated but none-the-less I do believe love is out there for me.

I do believe there is a guy out there who will treat me like a prince and appreciate all my rough edges.  I might be a lot to tame, but there is a man out there who will know just how to tame me.  Someone who will appreciate how brightly my flame burns and will dance with me as I flicker throughout this life.

In the meantime though I am going to dance in the dark and believe in love after love and life after love.  I will continue to have a blast, be my loud and annoying self and most importantly embrace all the love and support I get from my friends, family and twitter-sphere.