Song of the Day – It’s A Survivor Mashup

Song of the Day – It’s A Survivor Mashup

On Friday’s I tend to embrace my gayest clothing I own and dress like the flamboyantly gay guy that I am.  Today’s outfit was nothing but a skin-tight baseball-tee (black chest with white sleeves) and a form fitting pair of Levi’s 511 blue jeans.  The jeans were rolled twice to sit a couple of inches above my ankles and were accented beneath the ankles with a pair of white Nautica boat shoes/slip-ons.  Oh yes, let’s not forget my black Manhattan Portage shoulder bag and black NikeFuel Band on the wrist.  So with this mental picture in your head let’s all just agree on this one thing, doesn’t get much more gay than that.

That is until I hit the street and start my commute.  My commute to work involves nothing more than my listening to music on my iPhone and my prancing down the street for 2.5 miles all the way to the office.  Every Friday I tend to follow the same routine and turn the music up as loud as it will go and turn on the most stereotypical gay fan favorites to put me in a good mood. While prancing and dancing down West End Avenue this morning one of the best songs ever flowed out of my headphones.  Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive.

Later in the day my colleague sent me this picture quoting the song:

Staying true to my character I couldn’t contain my laughter and immediately posted the picture on my Facebook page to share with my friends and family.  Shortly thereafter my other friend reminded me of another version of the song that would keep my spirits high and gay as the workday draws to an end.  That song is actually two songs because it is a Glee Mashup.  Which, honestly, is in fitting with my embracing just how gay I am.  The mashup is of I will Survive (by Gloria Gaynor) and Survivor (by Destiny’s Child).

I haven’t watched any episodes of Glee since the second season, but regardless, this mashup can lift your spirits no matter what you are going through in life.  For me the mashup is helping to give me a little extra strength while I am dealing with a feeling of lacking confidence in myself.  Whether it is a lack in confidence in my looks, weight, personality, sex appeal or being alone, this mashup lifted me up a bit and had me dancing in my chair.  Truth be told I am overly confident in life, but some how I end up a bit anxious and skeptical at random points with everything me.  Even today while in a bright and cheery mood I needed the added encouragement from a mashup about survival.

This mashup is definitely keeping that prancing happy walk to work mood right on the surface so I can have a fabulous Friday afternoon and evening.