Dear Men… 6/12/2012

Dear Men… 6/12/2012

Two days ago I posted a blog titled “Dear Men…”  In this blog I posted a music video outside of my normal Song of the Day postings.  It had a specific message for men.   I received a few comments back that people enjoyed my reminder to men that boys and girls like to be treated a certain way and refreshing their memory with music.

With the positive feedback I received I decided to start a second category of music focused postings directed toward men.  Not necessary to men in my life though.  No, not at all.  So many of my girlfriends are having boy issues and so many of my guy friends are as well.  From breakups to one way relationships, I feel the best way to speak to my friends about their problems (and yes, sometimes to my own problems) I should turn to music.  I’ve been turning to it for my daily issues and feelings, why not in this instance to?  Songs can give great suggestions to my friends and in particular to the men in their lives.

For instance, I have a girlfriend who had to kick her boyfriend out of her apartment for being a complete douche (to summarize vaguely).  She then moved to a new apartment while he was on vacation because he kept showing up at her door.  The one thing he didn’t understand was what she actually wanted.  He just kept showing up pulling the oh baby, oh baby I’m sorry for being a douche, but not once did he bring her flowers.  Not once did he admit his real faults.

It seems to be a constant theme with men  (I realize I am a man myself and am clueless to a large extent, but that’s besides the point).  Men seem to let their menometers down south of their equator dictate their actions (come on guys, you know we all do that from time to time).  For some reason feelings, emotions and what a girl/boy wants has been forgotten about.  Personality seems to matter less than looks today, I must admit I am guilt of falling to that line of thought at times.  I definitely over obsess about my appearance before walking out of my apartment and I am not even looking for anything.  It’s time guys take a step back and remember what a girl wants:

What A Girl Wants by Christina Aguilera