Song of the Day – Closer to Fine by Indigo Girls

Song of the Day – Closer to Fine by Indigo Girls

I woke up this morning feeling drugged by my allergies, but oddly I rolled over and said, “okay”.  I succumbed to the fact that not everything is going to be roses.  Without a second thought about it I dragged myself out of bed and started cooking breakfast and brewing coffee.  Time to figure out how to function.  Time to stop being such a downer.

Someone I don’t really know, although do enjoy chatting too via Twitter, wrote me a message yesterday after seeing some tweets from me and my blog that smacked a little sense into me.  He wrote:

Stop getting so stressed out! It’s a holiday weekend and you should just enjoy :).

First off, let me say that I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing what he wrote, but I assume not revealing his name makes it some what okay.  Anyways, receiving this from someone who hasn’t physically been around me smacked me in the face that I have let stress, anxiety, anger, sadness and every pessimistic and negative emotion consume me.

Nothing has really changed of course.  I didn’t wake up with everything okay.  I am not shitting rainbows, but I am going to allow myself to function around all the anguish.  My best friend said to me yesterday:

It’s not healthy to just sit at home night after night watching depressing movies.  Get out, have me come over or come over here.  Just do something to get yourself active.  Get a hobby. Anything.

So I am getting out.  I am going for a run.  Then I am going to stop talking about hobbies and find me one that is creative and physical.  Probably some type of dancing related thing.  We shall see.

All this lead me to today’s song of the day, Closer to Fine by the Indigo Girls.  I’m not fine, as I said, but I am closer to fine enough to function.  I have to function right?

Oh, and let’s not forget, this is just a fun song to run too.  Happy Memorial Day and good luck with the day.