Band and Album of the Day – Hoobastank and the Album The Reason

Band of the Day – Hoobastank

Today, as the rain falls slowly outside my window, I can’t help but listen to one band and one band only.  That band is Hoobastank.  It has been a total blast from the freaking past.  The album I am playing is The Reason.

Ironically, The Reason was going to be my specific pick of the day.  It’s perfect, it’s exactly what I would sing to someone if I could sing, but after that song I want to play Out of Control and Unaffected.  All these songs fit my current situation so perfectly.  The Reason is flawless in it’s necessity and what I want to express to someone about how I feel. Unaffected also expresses how I feel but it is more personal and not something directed to someone else.  Out of Control, well shoot, anyone reading my blog for the past few weeks would know that I am out of control.  One listen through this song and I think most people would apply it to me.

So today, instead of a Song of the Day I am deciding to make Hoobastank and The Reason the Band and Album of the day.

For you:

For me:

For life: