Here I go Again by Casting Crowns

Here I go Again by Casting Crowns

Apparently, I personally don’t know the meaning of “song of the day” which in the title itself implies one song per day, but I am on a music kick lately.  I’ve been listening to hip hop, pop, country music, rock, christian rock and just about everything else possible.

If you aren’t Christian or not religious or just don’t really care for Christian Rock you probably don’t know this song.  Kind of like a song I posted about a week ago by Kutless (another Christian Rock group), Casting Crowns is a group from my past.  I use to listen to them in high school when I was greatly depressed and battling so many emotions I was at a loss.  My religion at the time and the music I would sing related to that religion helped give me strength and guide me.

I find myself needing to believe in something bigger than me and bigger than life lately and that has led me to become a bit more spiritual lately.  No, not religious by any means.  I am not going to church or preying to God if you were curious.  I am just believing there is more to life than just me.

The music can just carry me forward at times.  It gives me hope when I need hope.  This song is no different.  Singing it lets me release emotions and feel that I’m not always alone.  It may sound silly, but it is how I feel.

Maybe some day I will believe in organized religion again, but for the time being organized religion seems to be a bit of a joke to me.  It seems too judgmental and closed-minded.  I think you can have faith in something greater than humans, than us, than yourself and not have to sit down in church to prove it.  So my faith is in spirituality and music lately and it’s been starting to give me just a bit of strength and hope.