Sugar – Dog Found in Riverside Park – Needs Home – Please Adopt

Sugar needs a forever home!! Some neighbors of mine and Joseph were with a group that found Sugar tied to a park bench in Riverside Park last week.
She is truly a very sweet puppy, who got along well with all the dogs in our night-time walking group, and was ready with kisses for all people with whom she came in contact.
That night she slept in bed with a friend, and just wanted to snuggle all night.
We just need to now find her the right home. She has a beautiful coat, and seemed well care for. She just needs some sugar of her own! Please consider this sweet girl!
For info regarding adoption process/requirements, please visit the shelter’s website:


ID# 0931786
9 months old
45 lbsA volunteer writes: There is no doubt in my mind that when naming this little girl the staff already knew she was “as sweet as sugar”. I fell in love from the moment I leashed her. Sugar is a bit timid with all the loud barking and constant activity indoors, but the moment she gets outside the timidity drops away and she is all hugs and kisses. She took care of business right away so may be housetrained. She is friendly and playful and so affectionate. Her coat is beautiful and well cared for, one ear stands at attention giving her face a whimsical look. Sugar sits when asked to and takes treats so very gently. She chews them loudly and she made me laugh listening to her chomping down on the treat! It was so cute I gave her many treats just to listen to her chew! Sugar posed for her pictures like a rock star, has wonderful leash manners, and loves people thrilled to get attention from passersby in the park. She ignored with a tail wag other dogs that passed. At only 9 months old Sugar has a sophistication way beyond her age and will make a wonderful addition to any family. Be sure to meet her today.Located at the Manhattan Animal Care & Control in NYC (info below):Address: 326 E 110th Street, New York, NY 10029 (between 1st and 2nd Avenues)

Hours: Open 7 days per week from 8AM-7PM (adoption center technically opens at noon, but if you would like to adopt a dog on the euthanasia list, it is advised that you get to the shelter when it opens at 8AM).

Phone: From Monday – Friday 9AM-5PM dial 311 and ask to be connected to the Animal Care & Control Center. ONCE CONNECTED TO THE CALL CENTER, BE SURE TO INDICATE IF THE DOG IS ON THE EUTHANASIA LIST. Also make sure that the person you are speaking with takes down your name and contact information as an interested adopter. It is always advisable to get the name of the person you are speaking with as well.

*Note that you cannot call the shelter on Saturday and Sunday, as the Call Center is closed on weekends. Therefore, IT IS BEST TO GO DIRECTLY TO THE SHELTER TO ADOPT A DOG (particularly if that dog is on the euthanasia list).

E-mail address (to use as back-up in case you cannot get through on the phone): ***IF THE DOG IS ON THE EUTHANASIA LIST BE SURE TO MENTION THIS IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF YOUR E-MAIL***

NOTE: It is advised that you go directly to the shelter to adopt, as the shelter does not always pick up their phone. Again, if the dog is on the euthanasia list and you would like to adopt, it is best to GO DIRECTLY TO THE SHELTER AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE, LETTING THEM KNOW YOU ARE THERE TO ADOPT A DOG FROM THE EUTHANASIA LIST.

If you cannot get to the shelter please contact a rescue group for assistance: and/or

For info regarding adoption process/requirements, please visit the shelter’s website: