Running along the Hudson River

Running along the Hudson River

Hudson River running and bike path around 110th Street

Today’s run was less about adventure and more about relaxation and burning out the stress of life.  I decided to run the lower path of Riverside Park running north from my apartment on the section that stretches out right against the water.  The sun was shinning and glaring down on me pounding my shoulders as I ran along in the 79 degree temperature.

I decided to pick a song that could help motivate me to charge along so I picked Dog Days Are Over by Florence & the Machine.  I’ve let my running lax over the past month and this weekend I have run two days back to back, so really the running dark days are over for me.  At least they are if I keep up this running throughout the next week.

To access this path it is best to enter the park right at 97th Street (or 95th).  If you are not in the area you can take the 1, 2, or 3 train to the 96th Street stop and walk west until you hit the river.  From there just walk north.

After about 2 miles you will get to a great place to rest.  The West Harlem Piers.  If you are walking with friends this is a great place for a picnic.

West Harlem Piers (not the best shot, but I was running)

Once I passed the West Harlem Piers I decided to run a bit farther to explore a new area.  I took a sharp turn to find myself under the West Side Highway.  The contrast between running along the Hudson River to running surrounded by metal and concrete was the exact reason I love New York.  The city has everything to offer, every scene you could want and around every corner is a new experience.

Under the Westside Highway

The only frustrating part of the run was the bikers.  I don’t get bikers in New York City.  They expect cars to share the road with them but a majority of them refuse to share it with pedestrians or runners.  This path has a clearly labeled green line with one side clearly labeled with pictures and text saying bikes to one side and pedestrians only on the other. 

If you run on the bike side of the path you will get screamed at by 3 out of every 5 bikers that pass.  But bikers will ride in the path clearly marked pedestrians only without a second thought.  If you can’t tell I can’t stand bikers.

Biker on the pedestrian only side of the path