I’ve decided to start posting a category on my blog about not-for-profit organizations (well, really any organizations), that I think are worth taking a second look at.  There are thousands of organizations out there worth supporting and if my posting about them can get one person interested in making a donation, retweeting a link to help with name recognition or to volunteer for a new organization, then I think my posting about different groups is worth the effort.

The first group I have decided to post about is SAGE or Services and Advocacy for LGBT Elders.  This organization works to improve the lives of LGBT older adults.  Have you ever thought what is to come of older LGBT individuals who never had the opportunity to start a family, have children or grow a support group to help them later in life?

Well, they can turn to this organization.  This organization provides programs and services for both caregivers and care receivers, it advocates in the community and government for policies to help improve the lives of the LGBT elder community and trains community workers at other organizations to understand issues and how to work with this community.

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Disclaimer:  Bobby Argabrite is not affiliated with this organization or any other organization mentioned on this site.  While information may be compiled by reviewing an organizations website all comments and opinions are to be viewed as his own and not of any organizations or companies.