My Birthday Wish List

My mother keeps asking me what I want for my birthday.  Literally, she has been calling me just about every day for the past week and a half.  I know it is cute and shows that she cares, but I can’t give her a list of things I want. 

Maybe it is because I am older (something I have to deal with), but gifts seem overrated this year.  What I really want is for her to just cover my birthday brunch and/or dinner.  The problem for her is that she wants something that is a surprise or that I can unwrap.  I get that desire and appreciate it completely, I particularly get it for when I was a kid, but things change as we age.  

If someone really wants to buy me a gift they can, but the things I want are on a different level now than they were when I was a kid and are things I really need to pick out myself.  What do I mean? 

  1. I’d love a new couch for my new living room.
  2. I’d love a new bed frame and dresser for the bedroom. 
  3. I’d love a new area rug for the living room.
  4. I’d love new clothes, but we all know a nice top that can be worn at both work and still cross over to the perfect Saturday night outfit is going to be $70 – $100 for one item. 

So why not just cover brunch.  You are allowing me to spend time with people I enjoy being around.  You are the reason I am getting to sit, laugh and enjoy my birthday.  It may not be a tangible gift, but it’s not about the gifts any more.  It’s about mourning the fact that I am another year older… oops, did I say mourning?  I meant that it’s about celebrating the fact that I am another year older. 

Anyways, I appreciate the desire to buy me gifts and I realize it’s something society makes us feel required to do, but spending a little time with me will suffice.  My mother is driving all the way from Virginia this Thursday to spend no more than 12 hours with me and then driving back to Virginia.  She is doing this all to take me out to an early birthday dinner.  That is all I need.  Time, attention and showing that you care. 

Basically I am writing this to all of my friends and the few family members still in my life.  If any of my friends want to show me they care send me a time you want to hang out, go on a walk, a run, a picnic, watch a movie, play a board game or go dancing.  That’s what I am looking for and what will hit home.  The gift will be in the pictures and the memories. 

And if you really need me to unwrap something then remember that champagne is always welcome. Champagne is good anytime, anywhere and for any reason.  With that said I must say that a brunch or movie night will probably last longer with me though!