Quoting a tweet “if people can’t handle the truth, it’s really not my problem.”

A twitter friend of mine, who I hope becomes a real friend soon, who we will refer to as Billy (as that is his name) recently posted a tweet that read:

If people can’t handle the truth, it’s really not my problem.

Thank goodness I am not alone in that thought process.  I am absolutely sick of people saying I am mean, evil, heartless, rude, a bully, harassing, harsh, etc. just because I speak the truth.  Sometimes the truth sucks, but it doesn’t make the truth any less real.

For instance, Sara Palin has a huge platform to spout off her conservative nonsense.  That is the truth, I hate it, but I live with it. 

My biological father once threatened me by saying that things I post on social media about him are libelous or slanderous, but when reminded that what I said is true he dropped it. Why? I assume because he realized that the truth sucks (kind of like him), but it doesn’t make it any less true.

So with all that said I have to beg you, stop blaming those of us who speak the truth for your inability or preference not to hear the truth. Instead, stop doing things, that when quoted or repeated make you look like a douche and just be a good human being.  Stop blaming me for making you look bad when I am just relaying what you said, did or do verbatim and honestly.  If you look like a douche for what you do it is because you are a douche, don’t blame me for just telling the truth. 

I must say that this tweet was exactly what has been on my mind lately and I am so thankful to know someone who feels the same way I do! 

That’s all sweetie.