Song of the Day – It’s a Great Day to be Alive by Travis Tritt

It’s a Great Day To Be Alive!

Out of respect for others I am not going to explain today’s choice of music video, but frankly it needs no explanation besides the following points:

  1. It’s a great day to be alive
  2. 2012 is finally turning around for me
  3. I just had an amazing weekend trip with my favorite guys and my baby girl
  4. No matter how much I try to hide my country roots they always come out at times of happiness! (And at times of drunkenness or sadness but this time in happiness)

As I continue this week I hope it stays as upbeat and as I approach this weekend with the agenda of not spending a dime, but still having a blast… I’ll keep in mind that it’s a great freaking week to be alive! The sun is shining…