Post 1 of 11: Bobby’s Rules to Landing Your Gay Man

My dear friend, well Twitter friend that is, @JustAMike suggested I write about relationships.  I often write about the negative relationships I have with family and faux friends, but instead I am taking that suggestion as a request to write about my views on how to find and land your gay man.

Admittedly, I am not perfect and am no expert in this field.  Let’s just clarify that matter straight away! I am, however, married and have been with my husband for almost 8 years so I do think I have done one or two things right. 

With that said let’s consider this to be Bobby’s Rules of Landing Your Gay Man.  For now I am going to just list my suggested rules.  Some of these may not make sense to you and that is okay.  I will respond to each rule with a follow-up posting detailing why I believe this rule is necessary.

Are you ready?  You may not like my advice and if that is the case then don’t take it!

Rule One: Stop looking for love, a relationship or the perfect man. 

Rule Two: Leave the jealousy at the door.

Rule Three: Give in on as many things as you want your partner to give in on (particularly on annoying habits you want your partner to do rid of and vice versa).

Rule Four: This is a simple one, don’t change yourself or expect your man to change himself just because you are in a relationship.

Rule Five: Remember that your friends come first and remember that his friends come first for him (at least in the beginning).

Rule Six: Leave judgment at the door on all topics and/or always be understanding. Boys remember, thou shall not judge!

Rule Seven: Do not put any rules on sex in the beginning (I look forward to explaining this rule further).

Rule Eight: Always look your best so you feel your best even eight years into the relationship (this rule is for you, not your man as you will learn later).

Rule Nine: Allow your man and yourself to party like rock stars every once in a while.  Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to sit at home.

Rule Ten: Accept that some friends and family members of yours will just not like your man and accept now that the opposite applies as well.

Maybe this all seems too easy.  Maybe this all seems naïve.  Maybe I am just full of it.  Who can say, but I do entertain myself and look forward to flushing out each rule while explaining how it helped me and my husband sync and become the couple we are today.


Written by Bobby Argabrite
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