Steps one and two to a fresh new start

I tweeted earlier today that I thought it was time for some reevaluation, some changes in my day to day and my life in general and just an overall appraisal of what is working and what isn’t working with my life.

You see, from December 20, 2011 to about yesterday, I have been experiencing one of the most stressful two months on record.  I’ve decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and to take some control. 

Step one of taking control is not drinking tonight.  That will allow me to approach this week with a clear head.  I must admit that is a pretty simple step to have accomplished.

Step two was to pick out my outfit for tomorrow and iron everything tonight.  This is another simple step that will allow me to wake-up at my normal time, shower, shave, do my hair and still have time to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and walk my dog without having to rush.  Not rushing in the morning will allow me to start my work week with a fresh and relaxed state of mind.

These simple things may seem so easy and normal things to do, but not for me.  By doing these simple things I am ensuring that my week with start with a clear head and a relaxed self.

Now I just have to figure out what step 3 is going to be.  Whatever it is, it will be done to make my week a positive one.