New Years Resolution Gymers Be Gone!

I entered the gym to find it absolutely packed. Every treadmill was taken, all the ellipticals being used and the stair climbers claimed. That’s right, all the good cardio equipment were usurped by a load of people I have never seen before.

Never having seen a majority of these people is actually pretty unusual at the gym I go to. We are a pretty social gym with a nice neighborhood feel. Everyone says hi and is friendly throughout the year.

So what was going on today?

New Years Resolution Gymers is what was going on.  The biggest headache of January and February every year are the New Years Resolution Gymers. That’s what I call all those individuals that swear they will start going to the gym regularly in the new year. They swear to themselves on January 1st that they will get that beach body they always wanted and be physically fit. They flood into the gym in January determined to start the year off right.

Not to be pesimistic, but we all know 80% of these people will fail at their resolution by February 1st. Another 10% will fail by February 15th. The remaining 10% will join the club of individuals who workout regularly and become a regular.

Before I get to deep into my thoughts I should state that I applaud the effort and determination these people have in January. I fully support people of all shapes and sizes deciding to make a positive and healthy choice to workout. What I have an issue with is that January is when those of us that go to the gym year round end up screwed. The New Years Resolution Gymers clog up the gym, usurp the cardio equipment and mess with our routines.

It’s frustrating because you want to tap on their shoulders and ask if they can just give it up now so that you can have a good workout. You can put money one which blonde bimbos and attitude filled gay boys will not be at the gym come the end of the month. Until that time though you have to deal with them hogging the equipment, not wiping it down after they use it because they don’t know gym etiquette. Ironically, it typically is the 80% who fail at their resolution who are the big failures of gym etiquette and the ones who walk around tossing icy glares at you as you run at least 2 minutes per mile faster than them.

I am no gym expert so forgive me for sounding like a jerk. But it is true and it is frustrating. I just want my treadmill with the fully functioning fan, my pec fly machine and the stability ball to do my abs. Is that too much to ask?