The Perfect Holiday Cocktail

Two years ago Crate & Barrel sold a Peppermint Martini mix with assorted accessories like peppermint sugar rim and peppermint rock-candy sticks for stirring your martini. This, my dears, was the perfect holiday cocktail. It rushed into my life unexpectedly. Joseph received it as a secret santa gift that year. Sadly, as fast as it came into my life it left my life. Wait, I am getting a head of myself. Let me explain my search for the perfect holiday cocktail.

For years I had tried to make the perfect holiday martini. I used butterscotch schnapps and apple schnapps to try and make a candy-apple martini, but that was too sweet. Some websites suggested making a Cosmo, it is red after all! Okay, I give them that, it is a red drink. The syncing with the holidays ended there for the Cosmo. It is a citrus drink therefore, to me, it is a summer cocktail.

No, I still wanted that perfect cocktail to sip on the couch as Miracle on 34th Street played on the television, the lights twinkle on the Christmas tree and the cool air from the cracked bathroom window flows throughout the apartment.

After the failure of the candy-apple martini I tried to make my own peppermint martini from scratch using peppermint schnapps, vodka and whatever else the 100 recipes I googled called for. Nothing was right. They were all strong, bitter or just plain rough to drink.

Frankly, beyond dropping some peppermint schnapps in my hot chocolate or coffee I was at a loss for the perfect holiday cocktail. That is, until the Crate & Barrel Peppermint Martini mix came into my life. Now, I am not usually one for mixes. I much prefer drinks from scratch, but this particular mix was excellent. It added the perfect amount of peppermint to your vodka creating crisp wintry liquid. If you rimmed your martini glass with the peppermint rimming sugar prior to pouring the shaken martini into the glass it would create a white and red swirl at the top of the crisply clear martini adding to the holiday feel of the cocktail.

Once the holidays passed two years ago I was a little disappointed because Crate & Barrel got rid of the mix. I figured that it is only natural to only have the holiday mix out at the holidays. That also makes it more special.

So as the holidays rolled around last year I rushed out to find the mix again. First I checked the Crate & Barrel near 60th and 5th Avenue. It wasn’t there! They only had the rock-candy stir sticks and peppermint rimming sugar.

I called Joseph to tell him, and the wonderful husband that he is, went to the Crate & Barrel in Soho to see if they had it. That is when we learned, they weren’t bringing it back. Oh I was crushed. No, I don’t need to drink to enjoy myself (although trust me it doesn’t exactly hurt the situation). I just enjoy the holidays and like everything to fit the mold.

So I now write directly to Crate & Barrel.

I personally believe it is just good business for you to bring back the peppermint martini mix. Why?  Let me explain, you sale over-priced furniture that is almost always adorable. You also sale floor pillows that are most likely targeted toward homosexual city dwellers and former sorority girls that wish they were homosexual men. With that now said, you need to find a hook for us to come into your store and spend $900 on a two seater couch when we can get a similar one at Macy’s for $300. What is that hook? Martinis. The quickest way to a gays heart, vodka! So my suggestion to you is to set tables of this mix out near all your furniture. Have customers sit on the furniture and imagine themselves having there excentric Peppermint Martinis on their soon to be new sofa or overstuffed chair.

Is that a stretch? Probably, so I have a second idea. To forget about Crate & Barrel. We purchased our couch from Macy’s anyways! Instead, this year I sit here thinking, what can be my holiday cocktail be.  And  you know what? I have come up with the answer!


Champagne, it’s perfect anytime, anywhere and for any reason. Sure, it doesn’t have an extreme holiday flavor or color, but honestly it does fit the mold of being seasonable. It is the New Years Eve cocktail after all. Plus, mixers just slow me down anyways.

With that said, if anyone out there finds the perfect winter martini or cocktail recipe please don’t hesitate to send it my way.