The City, My Friend

Today has been a day of ups and downs and emotional twisters tearing up my focus from the second I woke up. My unexplainable mood is still not 100% back to normal, but let me tell you it has started to shit.

Do you want to know why? New York City. This city has a magical feel about it. Every time you feel beaten down and like things are just getting a little to rough the city has this way of lifting your spirits up once again. You may think I am crazy, but it really is the city.

Today leaving work I stepped out onto the street and looked up. The sun had set and I was looking at these two matching highrise towers near Columbus Circle. There was this gorgeous blue haze floating between them. The blue was like a breath of life to me. It felt as if New York City painted that scene just for me so I breathed in deep looking up at those shining towers. The cold air rushed through my lungs. Yes, it is finally winter cold here in the city! This December has seemed depressingly warm and not very seasonable for the holidays, but tonight leaving the office it was completely perfect. I closed my eyes as I breathed the air back out and looked straight forward. These trees on the opposite side of the road were glittered with white white lights. It was positively beautiful. It was the holidays. It was Christmas.

Walking home I made sure to walk on the east side of Ninth Avenue because I knew I would get to walk through the Christmas Tree merchant on 56th and 9th. I got there and the sidewalk was, as it has been since Thanksgiving, lined with trees. Two girls, probably from out of town, were laughing and snapping pictures of themselves with the trees as their backdrop. Normally, people blocking the sidewalk to take pictures annoys me, but today I found it endearing. They were so excited to be in New York and even more excited to have stumbled onto these Christmas trees. Their innocence and happiness was refreshing.

I don’t know how my mood will change throughout the day. I sure as hell don’t know what drama will come my way between now and New Years, but I know no matter what I will have a dear friend of mine holding me up when all else fails. The city of New York.

Picture taken at Rockefeller Center – Thanksgiving weekend 2011