The Perfect Cupcakes

I was asked by my Twitter friend for tips on backing cupcakes, especially as we head into the holiday season. My suggestion is to use the Billy’s Bakery Buttercream Cupcake recipe as posted by Martha Stewart at and for the icing visit

These recipes are pretty straight forward and make some of the best cupcakes in the world. They beat those box mixes a hundred times over. I have baked these at home from scratch twice and have a few simple suggestions to make these come out perfect.

First I suggest making sure you do not use foil cupcake wrappers. They tend to make the cake brown a little too much. Use the paper wrappers or liners that we all grew up with.

For the icing use food coloring to add flair to the icing if you wish, but my suggestion is to not buy pre-made decorative icing. The vanilla buttercream frosting is specific and perfect, you should take advantage of it by using food coloring and a cake decorating supply kit that comes with the icing bag and tips to allow you to use your own icing to make flourishes and decorations as you wish.

Other than those tips, Martha Stewart gives perfect step by step directions on her website. You can’t go wrong and you are sure to impress anyone.

Note: They do need to be stored in an air tight container or wrapped in plastic or foil wrap if kept for more than 48 hours.