Pumpkin Carving and Cupcakes

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Halloween was both amazing and horrible this year. With that said I think I want to focus on one of the positives of my Halloween weekend, my shockingly artistic side came out for one day only.

Keeping with tradition, Joseph and I decided to carve pumpkins this year, but not the typical jack-o-lanterns. No, not at all actually. While we were in college we instituted a yearly pumpkin carving party. It was pretty popular, but ever since moving to NYC we have had a lot of trouble getting the party to take off. We have tried to invite others to our apartment to participate, but they seem to just be bored and have really seemed to just want to go out to bars.

The party in Virginia was about fun with friends and self-expression. Some people would print out stencils to use as the base for their pumpkins while others would free hand the pumpkins. We would all meetup early in the evening and each carve one or two pumpkins while watching Hocus Pocus.

While the people who carved a little slower finished their pumpkins, those who finished early would enjoy a cocktail or two, some entertaining conversation and at times some pretty fun dancing.

Then, once everyone was finished, we would take the pumpkins outside. We would line them up, light candles inside of them and take pictures. Then we would head back inside for a night of fun, laughter, cocktails and dancing around the living room.

Well, this year we gave up on hosting a pumpkin carving party and decided to host a costume party. In preparation we each carved two pumpkins to use as decorations.

This year I used stencils to guide me and carved Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter books and movies and also to carve Chucky, my childhood fear. Joseph carved a Jack-o-lantern and the mask from the Scream trilogy.

Additionally, I baked cupcakes and icing from scratch using the Billy’s Bakery recipe and decorated them all for Halloween. All pictures are included below.


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