Cheers to Grandma

While I was in college my Grandma would call me everyday, sometimes multiple times, at very odd hours. The odd hours of her calls were in part due to the fact that she lived on the West Coast in LA and I was on the East Coast in Virginia. The time difference can be blamed partially, the other reason was that she was a bit lonely in her later years and always wanted someone to talk to.  Those reasons were then coupled with the fact that he lived by a very strange schedule, which is too strange for me to really expand on.

Anyways, she would often call me in the evenings while things were slowing down for her. Typically around 6 or 7 pm her time which meant 9 or 10 pm Eastern time. In an effort to answer as many of her calls as possible I would be sure to catch her evening calls even if I was having a party or out with friends. This meant that I was sometimes tipsy, sometimes drunk and sometimes not very appropriate on our calls.

Luckily for me she had a great sense of humor. I would often put her on speaker so I could continue to mix drinks for my friends, thus introducing her to a number of them and having loud group conversations with her. My friends got so into speaking with my grandma or listening to our calls that we decided one night to toast a shot to her while she was still on the phone.

“One, two, three! Cheers to Grandma!” We all yelled this and she just laughed and laughed. She said I was crazy and she was glad that I answered her call. From that day forward whenever we had a party we would all be sure to raise our glasses at some point and do a Cheers to Grandma. I am certain she began to purposely try to catch me drinking with friends after a while.

Even though she was a country away she managed to be a part of my daily life. I took that for-granted.