What to do in Provincetown on a Rainy Day

Normally when you go on a vacation to a beach destination you are not happy if it rains on your first day. When we woke up Sunday morning, which was to be our first full day in Provincetown, it was pouring rain outside.

The first thing we did was check out the weather channel website and sure enough, it was supposed to rain all day. Instead of being stressed, annoyed or frustrated that we couldn’t go to the beach we made ourselves a pot of coffee and curled up on the over-sized brown couch in the living room of the apartment we were renting. Without hesitation or a second thought we plugged our computer into the TV and streamed “Cheers”, the television show, from Netflix.
Normally being stuck inside on the weekend watching TV would drive me insane, but this was different than usual. For starters it was vacation and not home, additionally it was Cheers.

Why Cheers? Well, it takes place in Boston, MA. Being that our vacation was in Massachusetts and we had to travel through Boston it just seemed appropriate.

After an episode of Cheers and a big cup of coffee I got on the Internet and started to do some Googling of “what to do when in rains in Provincetown?”

I can’t remember the exact website I found, but it was run by Provincetown with a listing for ideas on what to do. It included suggestions like:

1. Whale watching – after all, the whales are already wet so the rain won’t bother them. Additionally, the boats have nice indoor areas so you can whale watch, be entertained and stay relatively dry.

Mind you, we didn’t go whale watching on this rainy Sunday.

2. Truro Vineyards –The website suggested visiting the Truro Vineyards. I can’t argue that this was a bad suggestion because it was in fact an excellent one. We went a year ago and really enjoyed ourselves. They have wine for everyone. Some are sweet and some are dry. The staff, who mostly consist of those who are in the family who run the winery, are friendly and really know what they are talking about. Whether you do the wine tasting, the winery tour, or both you learn a tremendous amount about the winery itself and the wine at Truro Winery.

Of course, we decided not to do this. Partly because we didn’t have a car and figuring out how to get there was incredibly confusing.

3. Spa Day – Get a massage or book an entire spa day. Provincetown is not lacking in options when it comes to spas or places to get massage.

This option got Joseph and I thinking, relaxation could be an excellent way to begin a vacation. We both began to search for options on where we could possibly get massages. Their is a wide variety of prices and types of massages you can get in PTown. Some places charge $100 for a 60 minute massage and some charge over $400.

We realized that we would just be getting massages as oppose to an entire spa day package once we did a bit of research. That helped us narrow down the options of where to go. Then we decided on a price range we wanted to stay in. That narrowed down the playing field as well.

After 20 minutes we had decided on the Blu Day Spa in Provincetown. It charges around $95 for a 60 minute massage.

When we arrived at the spa we were greeted by a number of staff all sitting quietly with airy expressions on their faces. We each were directed to our private massage areas were we received pretty basic massages. They were perfect for the price and left us both filling relaxed. With that said I thought they were a little lacking and not the best massages I have ever gotten. It was just right for the money though.

Provincetown in the rain doesn’t have to be a downer. If you just whiz through the options you can find something to do. Don’t forget that the town offers a number of shows, shops and bars to entertain you with as well.