Our Anniversary Dinner

Our anniversary dinner on our first night in Ptown was just as amazing as anyone could have wanted for an anniversary.

I guess before I go into the details I should explain that Joseph and I got married in Provincetown two years ago on August 6, 2009 on the roof deck of the White Porch Inn. It was a beautiful ceremony with the Provincetown Harbor as our backdrop. The ceremony consisted of the two of us, the Reverend (Reverend Vernon Diannah Porter) and my mother. After the ceremony we all toasted with champagne and then Joseph, my mother and I headed out to a nice dinner at the Mews Restaurant. It was positively amazing! The food is like bits of heaven in every bite. The wine list is almost as amazing as their ability to make the worlds best Martinis. You can’t go wrong at this restaurant.

So Saturday night on our two year anniversary we decided to go back to the Mews. We arrived 30 minutes earlier than our scheduled reservation, checked in at the front then when to the bar so we could begin our evening with a toast. We both ordered Grey Goose Martinis, straight up with a twist. While I order this exact martini all the time in the city, I haven’t had one this good in a long time. The bartender added just enough “twist” to it. It was refreshing and crisp.

After our drinks were in hand the host let us sit in their entryway so that I could rest my foot while we waited (I am still in my hideous air-cast boot). The bar area was positively packed and not a good location to hang out.

We sat out front on the closed in porch sipping our Vodka Martinis until we were called for our table 10 minutes ahead of our reservation. We were escorted to a little table situated right up against the windows on the backside of the restaurant. The table overlooked the Provincetown Harbor. The view was spectacular as the sun set over the water.

After the amazing martinis and the splendid view we ordered our food. I didn’t think it possible, but the food was ever better this time than it was on our wedding night, and that is saying something because the food was amazing on our wedding night. I ordered the spicy chili shrimp with cucumber and golden raisin raita. It was a dream with thai chili and coconut milk with a splash of lemon grass, kaffir lime, shallots and garlic. I don’t even eat seafood, but this was divine.

For dinner I had a flawless steak, a special not on the menu, set on a fried potato pancake with fried green beans. I followed up my meal with a chocolate, peanut butter pie.

The food and drinks were positively amazing and helped start the trip off on a very high note.