Travel to Ptown

The trip to Provincetown started with the four-hour train ride. This was a long and tiring ride. Normally train travel is my preferred form of travel. It tends to be pretty relaxing, quick and comfortable. The seats on Amtrak trains are bigger than airplanes, unlike cars you can get up and walk around and have bathrooms on board and don’t forget about the café car!

This trip was a little different. I had only slept about 4 hours the night before making me extremely exhausted. We had to get up at 5 am and the train departed Penn Station at 7 am. While all the normal amenities of train travel were involved, I was miserable for a majority of the trip. I was tired, but couldn’t fall asleep. I was hungry, but the muffin I had was not good at all. My book was firmly in my lap the entire trip, but I couldn’t focus on it because of my exhaustion. None-the-less Joseph and I found ways to entertain ourselves, mostly by talking and joking around. We also used our iPhones to check into every train station we stopped at on the way up the coast. My favorite stop was New London. I don’t think I have ever heard of it, and it looked surprisingly pretty for a town built up around a train station.

The dog, with help from my dear friend Benadryl, slept a majority of the trip. We arrived at the Boston train station exhausted but in one piece and as a family. We let Evian out for a walk, then made of way to the Ferry that took us from Boston to Provincetown.

For a year now we have looked forward to the Ferry. The year we got married in Provincetown we took it from Boston and had a blast. It is so fast that it cuts the travel time by 50% from the normal Ferry. Unfortunately this Ferry ride was not as enjoyable as the one we took two years ago. The water was wavy and the sky was overcast. About 15 minutes into the 90 minute trip all three of us (yes I am including Evian in this) started to feel sick. It got so bad that I couldn’t open my eyes for more than 5 seconds at a time. It was a chore to keep water down. Evian, naturally, won the award for quickest to get sea sick. She vomited right there in the middle of the boat, luckily for us no one noticed and we were able to clean it up without leaving a stain. Her getting sick was my last straw. I could barely hold myself together. For the last 45 minutes of the trip I concentrated on my breathing and refused to open my eyes. Needless to say we didn’t get to take pictures on top of the Ferry this year.

After a 4 hour train ride and a 90 minute Ferry ride we finally made it to Provincetown. A little more exhausted and nauseous than we were when the trip started, we were still very excited to have arrived. The boat slowed and I opened my eyes. In front of us was the Provincetown Harbor and all its beauty. Sail boats and motor boats everywhere bobbing in the water and the beautiful New England – Cape Code town was sprawled out in front of us. The trip was finally beginning!

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