The trip to PTown begins

We got up at 5am after just 5 hours of sleep. After a rush around the apartment to make sure everything was packed followed by the usual morning fight with Evian, our little black pug, we were ready to go.

The only issue we faced was getting all the luggage and the dog downstairs. It was exhausting work, but Joseph managed to carry everything down. Yes, you heard me correctly, Joseph had to carry everything.

Of course 6 weeks after falling and getting a hair line fracture under my ankle I am still in the ugly, clunky aircast. This restricts how much I can carry.

My job this morning was the dog. I suited her up, put her in her bag and waiting out front for a taxi.

In less than a minute one pulled up and we were riding in a taxi to Penn Station.

Penn station was also uneventful. Everything went smoothly and we arrived well in advance of our trip.

With relatively no drama, as long as you ignore the morning fight with Evian when we were trying to get her to go to the bathroom, we were on our way.