iPhone 3G – Goodbye My Friend

Wide speculation and rumors and pure logic point out that the iPhone 5 will most likely be released by September. I, like many, have sat on the edge of my seat waiting in anticipation for this release. My iPhone 3G has lasted me a long time, since 2008 I believe. It has been trustworthy, sturdy and hasn’t given me much to complain about until recently.

Over the past 6 months it feels as if the phone has been slowly dying. It’s response time has been slow and it takes forever to load some applications on it. With that said, I knew I did not want to upgrade to the iPhone 4. Most people I talk to who have the iPhone 4 really dislike the fact that it is entirely glass. People say they shatter quickly and aren’t for the clumsy. Let me tell you, I have a hairline fracture in my right foot, what I use to call a Grade III sprain thanks to my doctors lack of follow-up. I got this fracture from standing up in a hair salon and falling again. I am not the type of person who should have a glass phone.

Naturally, when taking into account my clumsy nature, I decided to wait for the release of the iPhone 5. Of course all good plans have some unforeseen issue. My issue is that my precious iPhone 3G died today and I have no clue how to fix it.

I simply went to the bathroom and on my way placed my phone on the kitchen table. When I came back out of the kitchen bathroom to check my phone for text messages it wouldn’t respond. I promptly decided to do a refresh by pushing the power button and home button on the phone. This just caused the screen to shine bright white then turn to black again. After 11 attempts to refresh my phone I plugged it into my MacBook to try to conduct a restore via iTunes. The phone has been restoring for over 3 hours now. It has been stuck on “restoring iPhone firmware” for three hours. I have tried restoring it twice now, and each time it gets to this phase and freezes.

I could rush over to the Apple store on 5th Avenue, but realized that with my foot I can’t very well rush anywhere. I could make an appointment for early in the morning to have it looked at, but of course I can’t really rush any where in the morning on my first day at a new job.

Sadly, I will have to learn to live with nothing but internet for at least a day. Can that even be done?