The Second Fall

Tuesday, June 28th I had to visit a medical center to get some immunizations, shots, done. Completely unrelated to my ankle, although the

doctor did say he would take a look at my ankle to give me a second opinion since my personal physician never called me back.

Everything sounded good. I was to visit the medical center during my lunch break. To get there I would have to walk, or more accurately stated, crutch my way from 121st Street down 3rd Avenue to 116th Street where I was to take the M116 bus to 114th Street and Manhattan Avenue. From there I was to cut across Morningside Park and then I would be at the medical center. No sweat at all. At least I thought it would be no sweat at all.

Everything was going smoothly until I got off the bus at 114th Street right outside of Morningside Park. The directions failed to mention that walking through the park would not involve walking through a simple park, but instead up numerous stairs (all pictured on this posting). After what felt like an eternity I made it to the top of the last flight of stairs, exhausted and weak. Climbing one flight of stairs while on crutches is a workout, climbing multiple is just torture!

I sucked it up though, in an attempt to remain positive. After all, my boss said after my appointment I could work from home so I could ice my ankle and keep it elevated.

The medical appointment went fine. I got a shot in my right arm and had my general labs run, which simply involved standard blood work. Unfortunately all the needles left my right arm feeling a bit weak and exhausted. This on top of my arms and left leg still exhausted from climbing all the stairs in the park.

I exited the medical center and walked about half a block. From there I waited on the sidewalk for a taxi to come by. When I finally saw one I slightly lifted my crutch to wave him down. Then, unexpectedly, my left foot slightly slipped. With one crutch not firmly on the ground because of my waving down the taxi, I completely lost my balance. The other crutch fell and I started to fall right off the curb.

My natural instincts took over and my right foot flew out to try to catch myself since my left foot was the one that had slipped. Coming down on my sprained ankle was disastrous. Not only did I not save myself from falling off the curb on to the street, but I fell on my ankle again and slammed my right knee down.

Embarrassed and in pain I pulled myself into the back seat of the cab and yelled the address at him. I laid there trying my hardest not to sob, but I couldn’t fight the tears from the pain.

When I got home I found that my foot was now black and blue above the ankle as well as below the ankle. I had made the sprain worse. To add to the horror my knee was bruised and did not want to hold my foot up as I tried to move around on the crutches.

Thanks to this fall the time it will take to recover was extended. I had to ask myself, will this ever end?