Maybe the sprained ankle won’t be completely horrible!

Having sprained my ankle on Wednesday, June 22nd I realized that I was going to be having to make some changes to my schedule. The coming weekend was NYC Gay Pride Weekend! I had planned to run the Gay Pride Race along side my husband on the morning of Saturday, June 25th. I also planned to attend the Gay Pride Parade on Sunday, June 26th. Then, of course let’s not forget, the following weekend after Gay Pride is July 4th weekend!

After getting my crutches Thursday, June 23rd and having my ankle fully wrapped I greeted my husband when he got home from work and said “happy hour?” If there is one thing you can do while on crutches is sit and enjoy a nice cocktail. With a crutch supporting me on each side, my husband and I made our way to our corner neighborhood gay bar, Barrage, and planted ourselves on two bar chairs.

It was a perfect evening to enjoy happy hour at Barrage. It wasn’t empty but wasn’t overly crowded either. It was the perfect atmosphere to talk and figure out how I was going to save my self from boredom as I healed.

Immediately my husband and I agreed that I could kiss the Gay Pride Race goodbye and that trying to attend the parade was probably a no go too. There was no way I was going to be able to run, but even sooner than the race were my plans to go to the Upper East Side that coming Friday. My best friend, Cathy, was to be acting in the world premier of “Big Family Dinner”, a wonderful play by Geoffrey Paul Gordon and directed by Miranda McDermott at the New Media Repertory Theatre.

While traveling to the Upper East Side on a Friday night right after work would be a nightmare of traffic or a long walk from the subway station that would be deemed almost impossible, I  none-the-less decided if I was going to miss the Gay Pride Race and if I was most likely going to have to pass on watching the parade, I sure as hell wasn’t going to miss my best friends play.

With that decided I ordered a second martini. At this point in the evening I noticed that my crutches were drawing a lot of attention from the other bar patrons. By the end of the night we were sitting at a high table with 4 new friends. Two of which happened to live three doors down from us, also a married gay couple. The other was a former co-worker of my husbands and his friend. The crutches didn’t hinder me from being social. A sign that not everything about the beginning of summer was going to be ruined for me due to my sprained ankle.

The next day was the test of my will. Could I make it from East Harlem, back to my apartment and then to the theater on 80th and York by the start of my friends play (at 8:00 pm).

Not fooling myself, I admitted I couldn’t make it on the subway and then the subsequent walk from Lexington Avenue where I would get off the subway all the way to York. So after a taxi ride cross town and then uptown we arrived at the play just in time. It was well worth it too. My friends play was amazing, but more so than the play, her acting was great. I had never seen her on stage before. She really stole the show. She played an overly dramatic and obsessive mother who liked all eyes on her and couldn’t let go of her son to save her life. She was dead on. The best part was that because of my ankle the theatre insisted me and my party sit in the front row out of the way! I adored that.

I quickly realized that between an enjoyable night on a bar stole at Barrage and a pleasurable night at a small local theatre sitting and watching a show, I could still enjoy myself while having this sprained ankle…maybe.