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FitBit Food Tracker June 30

Food Trackers, I guess it’s the only way to curb my junk food habit

The hardest part about being someone who other’s view as in shape, but who is also struggling with his weight is finding supportive help in the process.  People just don’t have sympathy for me when I complain about my weight and how to curb the growing tide of fat that is encompassing my body. No, […]

AHHHH How do I learn to eat healthier?

How do people jump from diet to diet to diet? I just want to live my life and enjoy my life. That includes enjoying what I put into my body.  Is that really so bad? Apparently it is! This is something I have been struggling with for a couple years now. When I was in […]

After lunch guilt

After lunch guilt For the past two months I have been constantly on the go.  Every second has been focused on work, friends, family and travels.  It has felt almost impossible to exercise due to the packed schedule I’ve been living with mixed with a need to rest every once-in-a-while.  Now come September 9th I […]


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