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Distant Memories

It’s one of those days where you look out the window as the rain falls down drowning out the view across the city.  Your iTunes hits the perfectly somber song to flow with the tone of the darkened sky and your mind starts to fade into distant memories. Part of why I don’t sleep very […]

Bobby TBD – Explained – Live Like You Were Dying

Bobby TBD – Explained What the heck does the TBD stand for?  It’s exactly what you think it stands for, Bobby To Be Determined.  I’ve hinted at the meaning behind the TBD in my earlier posting titled Song of the Day – Say My Name by Destiny’s Child, but I haven’t ever delved into the […]

Song of the Day – Grown Men Don’t Cry

Song of the Day – Grown Men Don’t Cry For weeks now I have been posting songs of the day about strength.  I’ve told myself and written about the need to be strong and push forward with life.  It’s helped me, but it’s not been realistic.  I’ve told myself being strong means not letting yourself […]


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