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Disappointed in SYTYCD. Mug shots can be the new ad campaign!

I had hoped it was just the season premier, but after the episode that aired last night I am officially over So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD).  It’s sad to say it because I love this show.  From Mary Murphy’s upbeat spirit and infectious laugh to the passion I can physically feel radiating from […]

I think I’m Cursed

Have you ever thought you were cursed? I know I have. Actually, I’ve felt cursed so much in my life that I just assume there is one massive curse haunting me. Lately it has had a specific plan on how to drive me crazy. This curse seems to be very supportive of my relationship with […]

Orange Is the New Black opened my eyes

My biggest fear in life is prison. I don’t know where this fear started from, but it’s been something I have nightmares about on a regular basis. For some reason I think it’s a fear of both losing the life that I know and love as well as the fear of physically being abused, because […]


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