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social-networks July 02

Personal views on Social Media Audiences: Twitter, Facebook, WordPress & Instagram

In a world overwhelmed by social media we have had to learn how we are comfortable integrating social media into our lives.  It’s a crazy web opening up our lives to millions of people.  Depending on the social media site you are using faceless, nameless people you have never met can comment both positively and […]

download July 01

To Start Using YouTube or Not To Start Using YouTube

 OR      I’ve spent a lot of time lately discussing social media with friends and colleagues alike.  What platforms are the best, what should I be using, what are you using, what are best practices and many other questions have arisen. The theme that seems to have a few of us thinking the hardest […]

One way technology has changed for the worst

The unfortunate part about getting older is the fact that I can remember the times before technology.  Technology has definitely made life easier as its continued to progress, but it has also taken away some of my favorite aspects of things like the internet. Young kids today don’t remember the days of dial-up internet and […]

My suggestions on how to increase your twitter presence

I’ve had a couple friends over the past few months ask me how I have grown my twitter account to have over 3,500 followers.  Let me start by saying I’m no expert, but I will give suggestions based on my experience on how to grow an  individuals twitter presence in general, if that is your objective at […]

How has social media changed your life or been used in your life?

The recent announcement (and by recent I mean in the past few hours) that Facebook will be purchasing Instagram, I had to think a bit about social media and what I have used it for, how it has changed my life and what would be different if I didn’t use it so frequently.  Thanks to […]


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