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Not Ready to Make Nice with this goal – Coffee is just my addiction

I just can’t help myself.  For the first time in a long time I am writing one of my “song of the day” blogs.  If you aren’t familiar with these let me give you a brief background. Last year when I was faced with a divorce I had to find a way to channel all […]

Drifting along

Sitting there at my desk Thursday I was watching the time tick by. The night before I didn’t even get 5 hours of sleep so I barely floated through the day Thursday. Then the clock reached the anticipated hour. It was officially 5:00 pm. Without thinking and barely having cleaned up my desk I reached […]

Song of the Day – I’m So Tired by the Beatles

Song of the Day – I’m So Tired by the Beatles After a handful of consecutive nights without much sleep I felt it only appropriate to post this song as my song of the day.  The only meaning behind the choice is that I am so damn tired.  For the first time in over a […]


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