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You May Get No Satisfaction… But I Love Britney Spears

I barely take fan moments because I don’t have a lot of celebrities that I simply adore.  You know how some people are just obsessed with certain musicians, entertainers and actors? Well I have my well known obsession with Whitney Houston, but another obsession I don’t talk about as much is Britney Spears. People are […]

Paul Ryan is nothing but a liar

Paul Ryan, a scam artist to the core, but my question is why is anyone surprised?  Have the republican’s ever proven to not be scam artist when it comes to politics? I am calling Ryan a liar because of a recent incident I learned of thanks to Gawker.  I am referring to his alleged trip into […]

Distant Memories

It’s one of those days where you look out the window as the rain falls down drowning out the view across the city.  Your iTunes hits the perfectly somber song to flow with the tone of the darkened sky and your mind starts to fade into distant memories. Part of why I don’t sleep very […]

Why are you so interested in everything politics?

Why are you so interested in everything politics? Why am I so obsessed with politics?   This is a question I get asked often.  Many people prefer not discussing political topics when in social or family situations.  I am not one of those people.  Politics fascinate me.  I don’t care if someone disagrees with me, […]

Drift Away

Song of the Day – Drift Away the Uncle Kracker version When I was in middle school I got a CD called 70 Oz of Pure Gold.  The CD was a compilation of classic songs.  One of the songs that was included on it was Dobie Gray’s Drift Away.  From the second I got the […]

Song of the Day – White Girl by Trina I always joke with my friends about how annoying those prissy sorority type girls are who come into Hell’s Kitchen, take over the bars and restaurants and become rather obnoxious.  With that said, I am pretty sure that is how I approached this weekend.  I just […]

Bobby TBD – Explained – Live Like You Were Dying

Bobby TBD – Explained What the heck does the TBD stand for?  It’s exactly what you think it stands for, Bobby To Be Determined.  I’ve hinted at the meaning behind the TBD in my earlier posting titled Song of the Day – Say My Name by Destiny’s Child, but I haven’t ever delved into the […]


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