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Brittany and Victoria at The Battle of the Block Big Brother Bash after being nominated for elimination by Frankie. June 30

Big Brother 16 Episode 3 Recap & My Thoughts

When I watch Big Brother on CBS I watch it without visiting any spoiler sites, without keeping up with the twitter feeds or after dark. I simply watch the show as it airs on CBS.  That is the recap you will get from me. The unbiased, undiluted view of Big Brother Season 16. The HOH […]

julie June 28

What did you think of Julie Chen’s look during episode 2 of CBS’ Big Brother 16?

I’m a bit behind schedule and I need to catch up. Since CBS’ Big Brother is on three nights a week I have no time to waste.  Let’s get to it then. What did you think of Julie Chen’s look in episode two, part two of the season premier of season 16 of Big Brother […]

big-brother-15-cbs-splash June 26

Big Brother 16 Part 1 of the Season Premier!

I’ve decided to add a new category to my blog.  The Big Brother Series Category, because the show is a huge part of my summer. Not only because it airs three days a week every week, but because it’s a social experiment that allows friends to gather and socialize. If you don’t watch Big Brother […]


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