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Senator Rand Paul – 2016 Presidential Run Announcement

Rand Paul’s announcement that he would be running for President followed Senator Ted Cruz’s. I had to admit that Rand Paul, based on appearances and voice alone, does not annoy me near as much as Ted Cruz, but the subject matter of his speech sure did a number on me. Straight from the beginning I […]

Senator Ted Cruz April 13

Senator Ted Cruz – 2016 Presidential Run Announcement

After Hillary Clinton made her official announcement that she will be running for President in the 2016 Presidential election here in the United States I realized I had to do my homework. You can’t preach your passions unless you know what you are preaching for… and against. I decided I had to watch every candidates […]

Paul Ryan is nothing but a liar

Paul Ryan, a scam artist to the core, but my question is why is anyone surprised?  Have the republican’s ever proven to not be scam artist when it comes to politics? I am calling Ryan a liar because of a recent incident I learned of thanks to Gawker.  I am referring to his alleged trip into […]

Hillary Clinton on Pride Month

Hillary Clinton on Pride Month Most people know that I am a huge fan of Hillary Clinton.  A support of her 2008 run for President and one of the many people crossing my fingers that she runs in 2016.  I thought I would share this video but Hillary says everything that needs to be said […]

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Since I am starting to feel a little more like the strong woman I am (okay guy) I decided it’s time to post my tribute to Hillary again. With that said I realized recently I may just have to edit it some now that there are increasing rumors that she is starting to […]

Hillary Clinton and LGBT Rights

Hillary Clinton is an advocate for the LGBT Community. That is one of many things about her that convinced me to make this video. Check out this webpage (content pasted below) to learn more about her support for the LGBT community while serving as Secretary of State: http://www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/ps/2011/12/178341.htm The Department of State’s Accomplishments Promoting the Human […]


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