Let’s keep track of Sanders deceptive campaigning practices!

Bernie Sanders now has plenty of Scandals!

Let’s keep track of Sanders deceptive campaigning practices!

If you were to follow the ads released by the Bernie Sanders Campaign you would think that his campaign has received endorsements from:

Where in this type of campaigning do we see a political revolution? It’s politics as usual and that’s what you get from a politician who has been in the game for 30 years. He isn’t new to politics, he isn’t launching a revolution and if he is it is the slowest 30 year revolution known to mankind.

In reality he is playing dirty politics forcing the Clinton campaign and her supporters to hold him to task. No more can he claim a positive and clean campaign. No more will we sit by and allow him to pretend his career has never seen a scandal. It’s time America opens our eyes and sees the truth that he has a pattern of deceptive campaigning as stated by the Clinton Campaign:

  • 2/11/2016: Falsely claimed the endorsement of Brenda Romero
  • 2/7/2016: Used images of Veterans in ads without permission
  • 2/7/2016: Used images of the Clergy in ads without permission
  • 2/4/2016: In TV ad, falsely touted endorsements he didn’t receive from New Hampshire Newspapers.
  • 1/29/2016: In TV ad, falsely touted endorsements of Des Moines Register when the paper actually endorsed Hillary Clinton.
  • 1/28/2016: Campaign staffer posed as Culinary Union members to deceptively gain access to Union Dining Halls.
  • 1/28/2016: Sent mailers, falsely implying the endorsements from AARP and League of Conservation Voters.

All of these instances are detailed here! Or you can turn to Google to do your own research on the issue. I ask that you in fact check this out.

Bernie has thousands of supporters lining up behind him due to his messages of change, trust and hope. This is nothing but the same old trash we don’t want in politics from democrats!

Obama’s Budget won’t be heard by Congress, How does Bernie plan to pay for his programs?

Bernie-NRD-600Republicans, in my opinion, have been holding our country back. As we watch President Barack Obama attempt to pass the new budget in hopes of moving our country forward we  watch as they refuse to even attempt to work with him. That’s right, the house and senate republicans won’t even hear the budget proposal from our president.

As CNN states, it has been standard practice dating back to the 1970s for “the Office of Management and Budget Director or another high level administration official to present the president’s entire budget in a hearing before Congress.” Yet, the House and Senate budget committees have made an unprecedented move and have decided to not hear the budget proposal at all.

“Rather than spend time on a proposal that, if anything like this administration’s previous budgets, will double down on the same failed policies that have led to the worst economic recovery in modern times, Congress should continue our work on building a budget that balances and that will foster a healthy economy,” said House Budget Chairman Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga.

This is another example of the longstanding and growing lack of bipartisanship on the side of the republicans in Congress in which they will not work with democrats and a democratic president on approving a budget. Republicans have grown increasingly driven to pass budgets that only align with their fiscal beliefs and views.

This creates a host of problems in the present, but what it also does is raise a bunch of questions for the electorate as we continue the 2016 election process and even more so the 2016 democratic primary.

As we all know we have two candidates battling it out for the democratic nomination: Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders has proposed a number of lofty programs including universal healthcare and free college for all.

He has admitted that all of his programs will drastically increase the government’s budget and require tax increases, two things the republican led House and Senate will not have anything to do with. President Obama has never suggested programs near as radical, but his current budget won’t even get reviewed! How does Sanders expect to have his budgets reviewed or even looked at when he is proposing such substantially higher expenditures for the United States?

How does Sanders expect to work with Congress when they refuse to work with a democratic president and when they refuse to come to a bipartisan budget now before Sanders has even introduced his lofty ideals? When you cast your votes realize what can and cannot be done. Hillary Clinton will not make promises she cannot deliver on!


Michael Bloomberg should stay out of the 2016 Election!

funy-cover-smallThere is one thing that I think is pretty clear, the American public is frustrated this primary season. The 2016 election is off to a frustrating start with the Republican field having an unimaginable number of candidates and the Democratic party having a contentious battle as we see our final two candidates battle it out for the party nomination.

Voters on both sides of the political spectrum are antsy to see how the primaries end up and which candidates get to claim the party nominations and run in the general election. We are ready for the bickering among ourselves to come to an end.

Yet, we now have another wrench being thrown into things. Michael Bloomberg has yet again announced that he may want to run for president of the United states. This will cause an already crazy and chaotic 2016 race to grow even more chaotic, not to mention it will harm both parties in November.

Bloomberg has a history of upsetting voters, elections and constituencies in my opinion. In New York City when Bloomberg was Mayor and he was a bout to term out he decided he hadn’t had enough time in office.

While New York voters had passed two voter referendums prior which imposed a limit of two four-year terms for the mayor of New York City Bloomberg fought hard to overturn the voter referendums. As a billionaire I guess the will of the people didn’t matter to him. He was successful in overturning term-limits. This is something I found, at the time as a New Yorker, extremely un-American and undemocratic.

Do we want a president who thinks laws don’t apply to him? Do we want a president who thinks the will and voice of the people don’t apply to him? No we don’t. We also don’t want more confusion in the process.

I think everyone who wants to run for president should have the opportunity, but Mr. Bloomberg or former Mayor Michael Bloomberg has missed his opportunity this cycle.

Michael Bloomberg thinks the people are calling on him to run, but I hate to break it to him. No one is calling on him to do anything. In fact, the head of Bloomberg Media resigned in a  effort to show just how convoluted Bloomberg’s plan to run is and how he refuses to allow his possible bid to be covered fairly and openly by Bloomberg Media. 

cover-finalforMikeWith scandals already growing for him and he hasn’t even thrown his hat in the ring… I think he should quit while he is ahead. Let’s not forget that he has always been a Wall Street mayor. Has he been paying attention to the electorate? No one wants a president who supports Wall Street. Why frustrate voters more? Why waste money and jump in now? It’s time for Bloomberg to stick with what he knows, business and to stop trying to stroke his billionaire ego just because he sees it working for Donald Trump!

New Hampshire Voters and Hillary: Can she do it?

hillary_clinton_2015_campaign_photo_logoWhen Monday’s Iowa Caucus rolled into reality I was blown away by one thing that kept being repeated on CNN. The volume of undecided voters on both the Republican and Democratic side of the caucus. It baffled and still baffles me that people will show up to vote without knowing who the heck they are voting for.

In the year 2016 there is no excuse to not be fully educated on all of the candidates running for president. We have the internet and the 24 hour news cycle. We have mobile phones that bring the news to our fingertips. Social media lets us have constant updates as to what is playing out in the political world. You can go to every candidates website and hear their platforms. You then can take it upon yourself to vet out the candidates platforms, fact check their platforms and see if they are viable in the political arena by simply googling the heck out of them.

Basically all your questions can be answered for you before you go to vote. That’s why I was shocked at how many people said they were undecided when they arrived to vote on caucus night in Iowa.

Now we are approaching the first in the nation primary in the great state of New Hampshire. Are we going to have the same number of undecided voters? According to CNN the state is a different beast and while the polls are calling for the candidate I support, Hillary Clinton, to lose by a wide margin, at least CNN claims New Hampshire voters tend to arrive to the polls knowing who they want to vote for.

Likely Democratic voters are far more likely than Republicans in the state to say they’ve made up their minds about the race, with 64% saying their choice is locked in, while just 41% who say so on the GOP side. Just 17% of likely Democratic voters say they are still trying to decide.

Thank you New Hampshire democrats for educating yourself before arriving to vote, even if I don’t agree with the candidate you are voting for…

Now, do I think Hillary has a chance at winning New Hampshire? I feel confident that New Hampshire will be different than Iowa for a number of reasons. First off, we won’t have to sit through the archaic caucus system. There won’t be a coin-gate controversy. People will vote and go home. It’s pretty straight forward. We will see a clear winner and a clear loser of that particular primary, at least I think we will.

The other thing with New Hampshire is that while 64% of democrats are decided before arriving at the polls to vote, it doesn’t mean Hillary will lose. Now, I’m not getting my hopes up, but I’m also not counting her out.

In 2008 Hillary was behind in the polls and was expected to lose New Hampshire in the primary to Barack Obama. In a surprise upset she won. Why is this? There are a number of reasons, but one in particular. The thing that can help Hillary Clinton and make for a surprising evening is that New Hampshire does not have a closed primary meaning those not registered with a specific party can vote in either party primary (but only one). Independents are welcome to vote in either primary, Republican or Democrat.

Hillary, who has attracted people on the left and center of the political spectrum can really gain some ground here. Especially since the Republican Party is running Donald Trump as number one and Ted Cruz who leans to the far right in second. The democrats have a super liberal democratic socialist as their second candidate. This can really alienate independent voters. Where will they go?

My hope is that they may fall into the middle ground or Hillary country.

Hillary also had a strong Democratic Town Hall performance on CNN Wednesday evening. CNN claiming a win for Hillary.  She came out strong on foreign affairs. She swung hard when asked about military engagement. Hillary didn’t miss a single beat when trying to connect with women, mothers, daughters and grandparents. She proved she will challenge Wall Street even if some people felt she stumbled on her reasoning for speaking for Wall Street firms and accepting three speaking fees (heaven forbid she work while not in office). She also blew me away with her religious and spiritual conversation. All-in-all she proved she has the experience and persona to be president.

On the other hand I personally felt unmoved by Bernie Sanders, particularly when he spoke about spirituality and religion. I’m also unmoved by his broken-record foreign policy response. There is more to foreign policy and foreign affairs than casting one vote for the Iraq war years ago. I would love to hear him express further knowledge of the world and how to engage with it as the leader of our country.

If things don’t work out for Hillary the next few days then we will lose New Hampshire as we know we might. If that happens then we will do what I suggested Trump and Sanders should have done after Iowa. We will pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and keep pushing forward for Hillary. She will take Nevada and South Carolina followed by the White House. I have no doubt.


Yes, Some Bernie Supporters are going too far!

Over the past month or two there have been a number of articles, blogs and many discussions about Bernie supporters and their behaviors online. They viciously attack Hillary Clinton and her supporters. Not her policies, but her personally. They don’t debate views or stances with her supporters, they call people names, insults and use derogatory terms.

Some of the headlines read:

Bloomberg: Clinton Campaign Warns Sanders Against ‘Bernie Bros’ Attacks

BBC: Bernie Sanders supporters get a bad reputation online

Salon: Bernie bros, stop this meme: Your dumb joke about Hillary’s music taste isn’t funny – it’s predictably sexist

Cosmopolitan: Bernie Sanders Has a #BernieBros Problem

The Guardian: I Like Bernie Sanders. His Supporters? Not so Much

Forward Progressives: Bernie Sanders is great, but some of his most vocal supporters are becoming a problem

The list continues. These articles talk about a range of supporters for Bernie from the Bernie Bro phenomenon to his other dedicated supporters online. I’ve experienced what these headlines and articles are talking about. There has been a negative rhetoric and outright attack from the Bernie supporters I haven’t seen from the democratic party ever before.

As these articles have started popping up there has been a natural backlash from Bernie’s supporters. I’ve seen everything from people protesting the validity of these articles to people saying they’ve never seen Bernie supporters being negative.

I’ve also been accused of being no better than the Bernie supporters being discussed in these articles I repost on my Facebook page or Twitter feed. Yet, I think that is mostly untrue. The problem I take with Bernie supporters is the language, tone and way they go about interacting with Hillary supporters and the debate they take when engaging online.

My problem with Bernie supporters is when they troll the internet in search of Hillary supporters and then viciously attack them calling them things like dumb, fag, ass, stupid, etc. These are things I would never do, but have seen and personally experienced. I don’t troll for people simply to attack them for the sake of attacking them. When I go on twitter it is to discuss policy. It is to discuss my disagreements with Bernie and his stances or to debate the policy views I have and how they differ from Bernie’s and his supporters.

Sometimes it can get heated, but for the most part I am pretty sure I keep it pretty clean. I have slipped a few times, but when that happens I have apologized and moved on. I will also admit I have swung unfortunately hard at Donald Trump supporters and used language I regret like “uneducated” and “redneck” when interacting with his supporters online, but that has nothing to do with Sanders and Hillary… None-the-less I feel as if I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit to that.

An example of how I differ from Bernie supporters, but get accused of being no better was last night in the following exchange:



What “Dave” is missing here is that I am not attacking anyone. I am stating an opinion on Bernie Sanders and his foreign policy view-point. I am questioning why his supporters don’t see that he doesn’t have foreign policy experience. I had used the Democratic Town Hall hashtag so my tweet would be part of the conversation so undecided voters could see that my opinion is that Sanders has no foreign policy experience outside of one Iraq vote.

What I didn’t do was use a curse word. What I didn’t do was target an individual. What didn’t do was attack someone. What I didn’t do was pull a Bernie Bro.

But let’s follow the rest of the conversation where this guy completely washed his own argument out with the bathwater by cursing, insulting and using derogatory terms that have no place in political debates and discussions.

Dave 22

The insults kept flying, but I refused to curse back. Do you see where I am going with this? Bernie supporters are not seeing the difference in how to exchange ideas and it’s hard to be dragged into an argument when it is made personal with attacks. It is turning both sides of the democratic primary angry, heated and thirsty for blood. I can see my anger in my own responses to this guy no matter how much I tried not to engage. You can debate policy and view points and do it civilly. You can be part of a “revolution” if that is what you believe Sanders is offering you and still be polite.

I wish I had the cool of Hend Amry when she exchanged with a Troll earlier this week in an epic trolling of an internet troll:

I know you are

Another example of the negativity experienced online due to Bernie supporters is a challenge I made on Twitter earlier this week. I asked my followers and anyone on twitter that came across my tweet to say something nice about Hillary Clinton if they supported Bernie Sanders and to say something nice about Bernie Sanders if they supported Hillary Clinton.

I am not joking when I say 100% of the responses from Hillary supporters were positive comments about Bernie and 100% of comments from Bernie supporters were stabs and negative comments about Hillary. It’s simply disgusting!



I post articles “attacking” Bernie Sanders and his policies, his campaign tactics and his chance of being a successful president everyday. What I don’t do is attack people to the best of my ability. I won’t do that. I’ve put a lot of thought into whether I am just as bad as the Bernie Bros and other Bernie supporters who are on the attack (and I realize that is not all Bernie supporters), and I don’t think I am. There is a different dialogue coming from those people that needs to stop.

Our party can’t be torn apart over a primary. We all want the same if not very similar things. The hate coming from the Sanders camp is extremely upsetting and I hope he can get it under control soon. I know he has lost my faith in him. Will he lose the trust of even more democratic voters thanks to the vicious attacks of his supporters?

My prediction is yes!


Trump, The Childish Politician

20150817-Donald-TrumpThe first votes have been counted. Iowans have caucused and their voices have been heard. Good Lord people are not happy about it. On the Republican side we have Trump is claiming outright fraud. On the Democrats side of the aisle we have Bernie Sanders considering a recount.

The entire night I was biting my fingernails and gasping for air as the results trickled in. As I watched the commentators on CNN discuss the different voters they spoke with I thought one thing. We really need to educate our citizens. I kept asking myself so many repeated questions. How are people arriving at the caucus sites undecided? Do they not educate themselves before arriving? How can people support candidates with no political experience and no experience in how Washington works? How do people not understand how congress works and how the president works with congress to get their initiatives passed?

When they finally were announced I realized one thing. Education needs to be an even bigger focus of our nation than it already is.

The night resulted in Donald Trump losing the Iowa Caucus in a huge upset to Ted Cruz with Rubio right behind him in third place.

GOP Iowa Results

It came as a surprise to him, but not just to him. It came as a surprise to the media, the Republican’s and many others. Trump was polling ahead of the other candidates and had his ego telling him he would win. So what happens when Donald Trump loses something he expects to win? He throws a tantrum.

This is the problem with non-politicians running for political office. They don’t get the realities of elections. Polling isn’t the reality of how election results will turnout. You can’t depend on what polls say. In 2008 Hillary was expected to lose New Hampshire and she won. You never know what will happen in primaries or elections and a true politician knows that and handles it with grace in public.

None-the-less we got to watch the equivalent of a petulant child meltdown in public and on social media over the loss of 1 out of 49 state primaries/caucuses. Never in my life have I seen a politician behave this way.


First off, yes Ted Cruz is flamboyant, but when did politicians start using insults like that? And when did we start wanting people who aren’t politicians in political office? People with no experience in politics, without experience running a country, running government jobs, in a powerful government position. It makes no sense. He is an embarrassment. Name a first world nation whose leader behaves like this in public!

He continued with a rant on fraud, yet has no proof of fraud.




20150817-Donald-TrumpListen Trump ( and Sanders for that matter), Iowa is one state. When you lose the first state out of many you need to be mature about it. You need to show you have the political chops and know how to pick yourself up, brush yourself off and move on to the next primary.

Childishly lashing out is pathetic. It’s for the school yard, not for national politics. The fact that Trump is still playing well on a national political stage is beyond me. It scares me to death and it leads me to believe one thing… We need to invest more in our education system.

How did we get to a place where so many people are voting for a man with no experience and leading a campaign based on hate, discrimination, racism, xenophobia, ignorance and inexperience… lack of education. How are people still supporting Trump for president after watching his childish meltdown post Iowa Caucus? Lack of education is the only answer I can come up with. If you knew that a president of the United States should never act like that then you wouldn’t vote for him.


Bernie Who? Hillary’s Been There For LGBT



How soon people forget what staunch allies Bill and Hillary Clinton have been to the LGBT community and how hard they fought during their White House years (and today) for funding for HIV/AIDS. Clinton was steadfast in fighting for money for finding a cure for this horrible disease and just like today, he had to battle a hostile Republican Congress to get funding for these programs. Without Bill and Hillary Clinton’s leadership in the 1990’s, there are likely millions of people who would not be alive today.

The Bernie brigade recycles partial quotes of Hillary defending “traditional marriage” without mentioning it’s from a speech she gave AGAINST banning gay marriage (the 2004 anti-gay Federal Marriage Amendment). It is sad, but ironic that the video people keep posting as “proof” that Hillary is anti-gay marriage is actually her fighting to keep gay marriage legal! The people manufacturing these smears are beyond disgusting in their ill treatment of…

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