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Distant Memories

It’s one of those days where you look out the window as the rain falls down drowning out the view across the city.  Your iTunes hits the perfectly somber song to flow with the tone of the darkened sky and your mind starts to fade into distant memories. Part of why I don’t sleep very […]

Flying to Virginia

Flying to Virginia I apologize at the beginning for this dear diary moment, but I am totally out of my writing mode lately.  I some how have hit a case of writers block, so I figured I’d just write about my weekend and hope that it will get my mind moving for future topics. This […]

My Grandparents

                                   My grandparents on the beach – photo taken by Bobby Hall I thought I would take a break from posting about Provincetown and the amazing trip I just took there to post something a little more personal that is on my mind. I want to talk about my Grandmother. It’s been a few […]


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