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Bobby TBD – Explained – Live Like You Were Dying

Bobby TBD – Explained What the heck does the TBD stand for?  It’s exactly what you think it stands for, Bobby To Be Determined.  I’ve hinted at the meaning behind the TBD in my earlier posting titled Song of the Day – Say My Name by Destiny’s Child, but I haven’t ever delved into the […]

Oooo Girl – Cher is owning me with Believe today

Believe by Cher Can I just take a gay moment here for a second?  I mean, I know I take very few gay moments as it is.  Cher is owning me with this song today.  Do you believe in love after love or life after love?  Goodness knows after my relationship of 7.5 years coming […]

Becoming Miss(ter) Independent and My Horoscope

Becoming Miss(ter) Independent and My Horoscope Yes, I realize that I have written about my feelings in regards to horoscopes already, but this is pretty much exact to my day so far.  My horoscope today says: Monday, June 18, 2012 – You might be in emotional distress today, finding it difficult to ask for what you […]

Song of the Day – Say My Name by Destiny’s Child

Song of the Day – Say My Name by Destiny’s Child After a very great day yesterday laying out at the beach with friends and then an even better night out dancing with the same friends I arrived home in the early hours of the morning expecting to fall straight into bed.  Right before I […]


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