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No, But Seriously… Possible Logical Reasons for Laurence Einuis Possessing 15 Computers…

Is anyone else starting to feel like we have to tap into the Carmen San Diego in us as we try to piece together the little bit of information that has been released about the Laurence Einuis accusations and investigation?  15 computers were seized and two victims have come forward. We only know what he […]

images (2) June 17

The Silent Victims of the Laurence Einuis Allegations

When the news first broke about accusations against West Springfield High School (WSHS) Band Director and Teacher Laurence Einuis I was floored.  Simply shocked by what I had heard.  As the days have come and gone since his arrest I’ve sat on the edge of my seat waiting for the next bit of news. What […]

Say it ain’t so Mr. Einuis!

Say it ain’t so Mr. Einuis!  I was hoping as the investigation continued and details about this case were released we would learn that this entire ordeal has been a misunderstanding.  A large part of me still holds onto this hope. Last week when I heard Mr. Einuis was arrested on charges stemming from allegations […]

Razor blades glued to playground equipment… really?!

What type of sick person would glue razor blades all over playground equipment?  What is going through a person’s head when they make the decision to do this? This is exactly what happened in East Moline, Illinois according to CNN. Sadly, before the razor blades were found a 2-year-old sustained minor injuries. The father was […]


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