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CBS Big Brother 16 Episode 13 Recap 7/23/2014

Wednesday night episodes of CBS Big Brother can either be very exciting or very boring since it is the day that airs the Veto competition.  This week Brittany and Victoria were faced with the reality of having to fight for their life, as far as the game goes, to win the power of veto to take themselves off the block.

Game Moves, Alliances and Secret Friendships:  We can’t talk about last night’s episode without acknowledging the alliances in the house and where the power is at.

The Bomb Squad exploded leaving in its dust a new and leaner alliance called the Detonators.  This alliance consists of Christine (right place at the right time), Zach, Frankie, Derrick and Cody.  You will notice that Amber and Caleb are no longer part of the group.  This alliance realizes that Caleb and Amber aren’t good for their overall game so they didn’t let them know that they were giving their alliance another chance.

The Girls in the house still aren’t doing a great job of banning together.  If Amber, Brittany, Victoria, and Jocasta joined together they could stand a fighting chance to have at least one of them last until the top four.  Instead they are working against each other helping the Detonators stay on top of their game.

Donny still has it out for anyone who was a member of the Bomb Squad, particularly Caleb.  He wants Caleb out as soon as possible and with good reason.

Nicole, Hayden and Christine are keeping a pretty low profile. I can’t blame them. Let the Detonators implode on their own without any help.

Brittany and Caleb formed an interesting friendship. Signs pointed to a secret alliance between the two.  Brittany went as far as to pick him to play in the Veto competition after they had a meaningful heart to heart.  This left the audience asking, “Will Caleb support Brittany or the former members of The Bomb Squad?”

The Veto Competition: The main point of Wednesday night’s episode was to air the veto competition.  This week’s competition was one of those completely luck based games.  The contestants were asked to try and kick a ball into a basket using a leg kicking contraption. Each basket had a number in the bottom of it. The player with the highest number in each round wins and continues to the next round. The player with the lowest score lost and had to pick a prize from the prize table and was out of the Veto Competition.

It was a bit of an interesting competition.  Brittany got a little too excited and over shot causing her to score a zero early in the game.  She was unable to save herself from the block.  Victoria lasted all the way to the end before she kicked her ball too hard and didn’t score either. She reluctantly took the prize of the Veto even though she knew that Caleb could pick it since he won the competition.

The Detonators expected him to take the Power of Veto from Victoria so that Cody could keep the nominations the same.  Brittany expected him to take the Power of Veto and use it on her.  In the end, he took the $5,000 cash prize and left the Power of Veto with Victoria.

Instead of choosing a side he threw his hands in the air.  I’m sure he thought not taking the veto would be best for his game. He wouldn’t piss off his former alliance members by not removing their target, Brittany, from the block while also not taking it to keep the nominations the same.

imagesThis backfired and put a rather large target on his back.  Now Cody was faced with choosing a replacement nominee.  Ultimately he had to choose between Donny and Caleb.  After much tormented thought he turned into a scared child and nominated Donny.  Why? Mostly because Derrick and Zach thought it was the only possible move. I still agree with Cody, Caleb should have been put on the block. This was their chance to get him out. It will bite Cody in the but if Caleb wins HOH next time.

Zrankie: Hints at an ongoing showmance continued in a confusing way last night.  The air showed in the matter of seconds a clip of Zach inviting any girl to go on a trip with him to Germany, which he won during the veto competition.  Then they followed it with a clip where he states that he will be taking Frankie on the trip with him.  What a game this boy is playing.  More to come on this relationship in a Zrankie dedicated posting later this week! Stay tuned!


P.S. if you missed Cody’s modeling days check out my blog from yesterday here! 



The Real Gay Showmance on BB16, Cody Calafiore and his Fans

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! It’s time to talk about one of the under talked about homoerotic reality tv show romances.  No, I’m not talking about Frankie Grande and Zach Rance, although I will be talking about them later today or tomorrow.  Today I am talking about the homoerotic showmance between the stunningly flawless Cody Calafiore and pretty much every gay fan of CBS Big Brother!

When Cody waltzed into the Big Brother house I’m pretty sure mouths dropped and drool dribbled from a number of the gay men who watch the show.  Not to miss an opportunity, Big Brother has made sure that Cody has been featured in a number of highly sexy and homoerotic scenes and shots since the beginning of the season. It’s as if a new form of showmance has begun with fans wagging their tongues at the innocent faced heart-throb.

I’m not complaining! Would you complain about having to watch this on TV?



Yet, after looking at him for a while I started to question his professional role as a Sales Account Executive.  With his face I believe he would make a good sales person.  Then my friend sent me a link to an article on Instinct and I realized that Cody’s face isn’t the only thing that will help him sale a product.

That’s right boys, Cody Calafiore has modeled for the gay favorited underwear brand CN2.  Man can he sale products.

Cody really stands out in the house this season.  He hasn’t shown a lot of game play yet, but his game has been going smoothly.  He is attractive 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  He is comfortable in his sexuality, as a straight man to clarify.  He isn’t a jerk like some of the other men in the house like Devin Shepherd and Caleb. All and all he is a nice guy with a talent for attracting attention to himself.

2014-06-19_2256 cody big brother thumb cody big brother3 (1) cody big brother5 cody big brother6 rtvgams


Show pictures:

bb1603jt Screenshot-2014-06-27-20.26.23 cody-calafiore-big-brother cody-calafiore-big-brother-16 tumblr_n80n8qXlhb1txis9uo1_500

Cody and Frankie after winning HOH on CBS Big Brother 16

It’s Big Brother 16 Episode 12 Recap Time!

It’s a new week in the Big Brother house and things are… well kind of boring, but moving along.  To start I should note that Devin Shepherd, the devil with the mile long grin, was voted out of the house last week in what was a highly anticipated move by the house.

Devin tormented houseguests and annoyed viewing audiences as he stomped around the Big Brother house like a tyrant regardless of his being the Head of Household (HOH) or not.  Now that he is gone maybe the house can realign itself and become interesting once again.

Sunday’s mark the announcement of two new HOHs, four nominees to the block, the Battle of the Block competition and a lot of behind the scenes drama.  This week delivered on most of those things.

In rather lackluster HOH competition two of my favorite houseguests took the HOH titles, Cory Calafiore and Frankie Grande.  After passing a dozen eggs along chicken wire the pretty duo came out on top edging out their fellow houseguests. This not only means that both of them are probably safe for the week, but both of their pretty faces will get a lot of screen time this week. I know I’m not complaining!

Team America: Another interesting twist this season that also seems to be getting a bit boring is Team America.  As Donnny, Derrick and Frankie continue their secret alliance that was decided on by fans of the show they must also keep their own individual games in mind.

This week America challenged the trio to nominate a houseguest who is seen as a physical threat.  The trio immediately pegged Amber as a physical threat and added her to the nominations. It was a pretty weak decision because there are much stronger players in the house, but at the same time it was the safest decision. The strong competitors in the house include:

  • Caleb
  • Frankie
  • Zach
  • Cody
  • Amber
  • Hayden

The only person on that list that could have been nominated next to Amber as a strong competitor could have been Hayden. There was no reason not to nominate him besides a fear of retaliation. That’s why I see the choice of Amber as a weak one. There were few options, but they went with the easier of the two.  I still hope that Caleb gets back doored in the end. The only issue with that is that the game will continue to lose the exciting personalities on the show.

Nominations: Initial nominations are often boring.  You can’t do much with your initial nomination because you don’t want to piss anyone off who might end up staying in the house. With two chances to pull yourself off the block this season after the initial nominations it’s no wonder that weaker competitors get nominated on Sunday’s.  This week was no different.

Cory nominated Brittany and Victoria.  Victoria is the houses new Pow Pow,  doesn’t win many competitions and isn’t much of a social game player either.  Nicole asked last week, “where is Paola when you need her?” Well, she manifested in the form of Victoria… except I do think Paola could have been a good competitor if she had been given the time.

Photo compliments of CBS.com.  Amber and Jocasta
Photo compliments of CBS.com.
Amber and Jocasta

Frankie played it pretty safe, while also playing strategically.  His nominations consisted of Amber and Jocasta.  Amber has been unintentionally stirring up drama among Frankie’s alliance so it makes perfect sense to me that he put her up.  She distracts Caleb, distracts Cody, causes tensions between Zach and Cody and to top it all of is a fierce competitor. So fierce that she took herself and Jocasta off the block by winning the Battle of the block!

Battle of the Block: When the Battle of the Block competition was added to the Big Brother game this season I really thought it would liven up the show.  No more nights with nothing but watching the houseguests attempt social games.  Now every episode has a competition.

It turns out that the Battle of the Block is kind of a boring and pointless game. It does add a twist, but the initial excitement around it has dissipated.

None-the-less we do have the added competition. This week we saw the four nominees for eviction compete on a chess board where they were required to move around the board like a knight in a chess game. Jocasta worked her way into a corner pretty quickly, it looks like preying isn’t the best strategy for winning a competition in the Big Brother House.  She is lucky Amber rocked it out saving the both of them. Jocasta went into some type of tongues at the end. I don’t even know what was coming out of her mouth.

If there was a God he would send her home so that we don’t have to watch her any more. She seems like a nice person, but totally annoying on television.

That leaves us with a few other interesting tidbits about Big Brother 16.  Check out my future BB16 blogs this week that will discuss:

  • Zrankie is still alive and well, stay tuned for a new post catching you up on the show-man-mance.
  • Cody has a past in modeling for the gay favorited underwear brand CN2.
  • My two blogging passions collided last week when Big Brother partnered with FitBit!


Paola Shea and Zach Rance on CBS Big Brother 16.

Big Brother 16 Episode 8 Thoughts and Recap

It was the second Big Brother eviction night and I was not let down.  It’s like my friend Christopher said in a comment on yesterday’s post, “I can’t stand Devin, but I’ll be sad when he leaves because he’s so crazy he’s good TV.”  I personally will not be sad when he leaves, but I can’t argue that he creates some amazing television.

The Nominations and Evictions: If you caught Wednesday night’s episode then you know the house was rocked by the Veto Ceremony when Devin removed Brittany Martinez from the block and replaced her with Zach.  Last night’s episode let us know exactly what went down after the insane move by Devin.

First off let’s talk game play here. Devin has targets on his back from all across the house.  His biggest target up until last night was Brittany, but after Zach lost his patience with Devin’s crazy antics Zach ended up falling into Devin’s cross-hairs. This left Devin pretty screwed.  His alliance was crumbling around him and he still had Brittany on the Block. If he was smart he would never have negotiated with anyone and stuck to his original plan.

He should have removed Paola from the block and kept Brittany on. That way the house would have been forced to either remove Zach who he can’t trust or Brittany who he hasn’t liked since day one.  Instead he stabbed Paola in the back and left her on the block to compete against Zach for elimination.

With that decision all hell broke loose in the house.  Brittany called Paola out for throwing the Battle of the Block competition letting her know that she was her target this week.  Paola admitted to throwing the competition because she trusted Devin, but now insists that the entire house should watch their backs around him.  She is right. He is 100% untrustworthy for everyone in the house because he is unstable.

Paola and Zach both gave pretty much the exact same “save me” speech.  Basically both agree that Devin should be on the block and the one to go home, but at the end of the day they both want to stay. Both declared that if they were to stay Devin would be their only target and no one in the house would have to worry.

Then Zach did something unthinkable, he called Frankie out for being untrustworthy and it was pretty clear that Frankie didn’t have Zach’s best interest in mind. To be fair, Frankie is in it to win it, not to just enjoy flirtations with a straight guy.

Zach ultimately had the most votes to stay in the game.  I am not at all surprised. He still has the members of his former alliance on his side and most of the house. The only two people to vote against him was Donny, who is Paola’s best friend in the house and Jocasta, who is just removed from the rest of the house.

The HOH Competition: The evictions were quickly followed by the HOH game.  It was one of those games where the houseguests roll a ball down a field and try to get their ball to land in the highest number at the other end. There really is no skill to the game, but it does keep you holding your breath.

Up until the last player went it looked like Frankie and Nicole were going to become the new HOHs of the week, but Derrick came out of nowhere and knocked Frankie off the HOH platform.  Frankly, I’m fine with that. As long as Derrick and Nicole stick with the idea of getting Devin out they won’t get blood on their hands and my least favorite person will be booted from the house.

Zrankie: I’m sad to say I think our hopes of a gay showmance happening this season is coming to an end.  After the trust between the unlikely couple, Frankie and Zach, dissipated I can only imagine their flirtations will as well.  Let’s wait and see, but Zach is one faux-boyfriend who is in the dog house this week!

At least there is a lot of homoerotic fun this season even if we won’t get to see two men fall in love or kiss.

Paola Shea and Donny Thompson: I haven’t written much about their relationship, but I have to say I was so touched by Paola’s tears as she watched Donny’s farewell video.  When I first saw Paola’s introductory clip I immediately judged her. I thought she would be shallow and annoying all season.  I had visions of her running around the house screaming like a cracked out sorority girl, but she never behaved badly like that.

Donny, well when I first saw him I didn’t know what to think. Frankly my first thought was that he was going to be ignorant, not relate to anyone in the house and a redneck.  I miss judged him as well.  Truth be told, he seems like the sweetest guy in the house.  He has a huge heart and knows how to stay out of the drama.

The two of them together were relationship gold. One of my best friends is a 50+ year-old woman who I met during my first job out of college.  Friends come in all types and that’s what Donny and Paola showed me. They reminded me that your friends can be anyone as long as they make you happy and feel good about yourself.  There was something so poetic about how they interacted together.

Showmances: I have to ask, since I am not watching the live feeds or spoiler blogs, what showmances are in the works?  Is this going to be a season of no showmances? That’s half the fun for me. It makes a reality show a chick flick all in one and I live for it!


It’s a Gay Extravaganza on CBS Big Brother 16

If Zrankie isn’t going to give us the full on gay showmance some of us are sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for I have to thank Big Brother for at least feeding our interest in two good-looking men enjoying each other.  Yet, they aren’t just feeding out interest with two men fondling each other.  They have given us two homoerotic fantasies in one season. Zach and Frankie vs. Cody and Frankie. Yet, only one of the three is gay! Frankie Grande is one of the luckiest gay men on the planet right now.

pwi_0163548 (1)
Frankie Grande and Cody Calafiore on CBS Big Brother 16

Ariana Grande said it herself, that if Frankie was going to be in a showmance she would prefer it be with Cody instead of Zach.  I don’t care who Frankie has a showmance with any more as long as he keeps getting these so-called straight men to flirt with him.

I have to say, Zach has grown on my substantially over the past couple of weeks. I strongly disliked him from the get go.  Then CBS highlighted a bit of his relationship with Frankie this past week.  Zach let us know that he claims to be 100% straight, but none-the-less loves gay men and in a way thinks of Frankie as a boyfriend.  He is fun to talk with, flirt with and cuddle with.

Frankie Grande and Zach Rance on CBS Big Brother 16
Frankie Grande and Zach Rance on CBS Big Brother 16

Believe it or not, this is actually a reality.  I have met many straight men out there that enjoy flirting with gay men. They are my favorite type of straight man.  You get hit on, without the guy being too inappropriate or aggressive.  They even become protective in a way, which I have always found comfort in. I knew a guy like that back in high school.

He would probably kill me for talking about it, but we never did anything inappropriate. I don’t know what he thought of our relationship, but I love it.  He cared about me. He flirted with me. He’d even put his hand on my leg as we drove down the street together.  He knew everything about me and I trusted him.  The worst thing to happen to me was to lose that friendship.

When we graduated high school he went off to a military affiliated college, joined the military, got married and has kept a pretty low profile in my life.  It’s shame.  We may not have agreed on politics or religion… ever… we did have a natural connection.

With that all said, I do believe that it is possible for Zach to have the feelings he says he has toward Frankie without being gay.  Do I think it is true in this situation. No, I kind of don’t. I think I am too hopeful for some gay love on CBS’ Big Brother to let him off the hook.

None the less, CBS is continuing to give us gays and lovers of gays the opportunity to salivate.  During week one they let the houseguests play in a photo booth.  Why haven’t more people shown me these pictures? Tons of you Facebook, Tweet and talk to me about this show and the gay themes this year, but no one showed me this! What is wrong with you.

Enjoy the homoerotic nature of these photo booth pictures. Maybe I am team Crankie (maybe Frankie and Cody need a different combined name haha).  SO who makes the better couple?



Crazy Devin Shepherd continues his rampage

Feeling a bit swamped I have no time to write this morning. None-the-less I feel like I have to write something because last night’s episode of Big Brother was off the hook! Full of twists and turns as you would expect during a week where the house is controlled by an unstable HOH like Devin Shepherd.

We all know he entered this week with Brittany as his target for very personal reasons.  This started to backfire on him as some of The Bomb Squad and other houseguests realized that strategically Paola was the better person to vote out.  With Paola and Brittany still on the block after The Battle of the Block all hell began to break loose in the house as people took to Brittany’s defense.

I hate to break it to Devin, but the house has a point. Brittany is a strong competitor and really not a threat to anyone’s game as of right now. If handled correctly she could be a good ally for many in the house. unfortunately for Devin he hasn’t been handling her correctly.

Brittany showed some great social game as she worked to win over Devin.  She might not like the guy, but she knew the necessary evil.  Knowing he is a parent and holds that over everyone’s heads she tried to relate to him on that level and it seemed to work.

TO make matters better for Brittany, Devin called a Bomb Squad meeting that ended up in an explosive nature.  From what I can see the Bomb Squad is divided:

  • Amber, Cody, Zach, Frankie, Christine

standing against

  • Devin, Caleb

The issue is that Devin is in power and is unstable.  Zach and the other teammates spoke up to Devin and quickly found out that he is not a team player and will not condone contrary opinions.

In a shocking move Devin removed Brittany from the block and placed Zach on the block for disagreeing with him.  Game changing move.

The Bomb Squad has exploded and tonight’s episode should air exactly what the fall out will be. Devin now has the largest target on his back of all season.

The way I see it is that if Devin really wanted to be bold and say “F You” to all those who disagreed with him, wanted to keep Brittany, but also he wanted to prove a point of his power… he should have removed Paola and replaced her with Zach. That would have put the player he wanted out, Brittany, up against an alliance member. He would have got Brittany out and stirred the pot. At least he could have won something in that scenario.  Now he just stands to have Paola leave and Zach on attack mode.

I also feel like he is setting a horrible example for his daughter, something he feel passionately about. Showing his daughter that colleagues, friends or allies cannot have a dissenting opinion makes you seem a bit like a dictator or tyrant. Your alliance members aren’t out to get you until you make them.  You aren’t the leader of the alliance, you are a team.  Their opinions, even if contradictory to yours, should matter.

Tonight’s episode is sure to be explosive and you won’t want to miss it!

Devin and Frankie as Devin argues with Zach and Caleb in Wednesday, July 9th's Big Brother episode on CBS.
Devin and Frankie as Devin argues with Zach and Caleb in Wednesday, July 9th’s Big Brother episode on CBS.

Devin Shepherd goes crazy – CBS Big Brother 16

Straying from my typical desire to recap every thing about every episode of Big Brother Season 16 all at once, I feel like for the moment I just need to address one main topic that has been a thorn in my side for the past two episodes (Scroll to the bottom for an episode recap for the Sunday, July 8th episode. Big Brother 16 episode 6). Yes, I could have taken a break from my 4th of July festivities to recap the past two episodes, but why bother? I have way more to say about Devin Shepherd at this point in the game than I do about the actually game play so far.  For me, we are still in the easy and boring phase of Big Brother where there are just too many houseguests.

First though you need to know the basics of where we were at going into Sunday night’s episode of July 8th.

  • 1 houseguest has been eliminated – Joey
  • 4 nominees were put on the block to compete in the Battle for the Block – Nicole, Hayden, Brittany, and Paola.
  • 2 house guests won HOH – Amber and Devin
  • 1 new alliance was formed – The Nerds have grown into the Weirdos adding Hayden into the alliance. The new members consist of Nicole, Christine and Hayden.

If you missed it, Joey was voted out last Thursday with some contestants saying she showed some of the worst game play in Big Brother history.  While blue haired Joey has plenty of reason to feel a bit blue and I can kind of see where her critics are coming from, I just don’t fully agree.  Joey’s mind and heart were in the right place, unlike a lot of her houseguests.  Sadly for her, her execution  of this good plan wasn’t a strength of hers.

It’s not even her fault.  Once again we are seeing the same old boring situation play out in the Big Brother house and she tried to take it on head first.  She tried to create good television in my opinion. A season of something we don’t see often in Big Brother.  Women coming together to take on the game.

Why do we need another season where the men control the house, the “weaker” men and the women follow their orders mindlessly and no one stands up  to them because the entire house is supporting the male-driven tyranny within the house.  I applaud Joey’s efforts although not her methods, to give Big Brother viewers a different type of game this season.

Isn’t that the point of Big Brother 16, the season of all the twists? I thought the point was to give the game new life.  When I first learned of all the game twists that Big Brother creators were adding to the game I thought that they realized the game needed to stop being the same old thing over and over again. Year after year, we see male alliances parade around like hooligans.

HOH Competition last Thursday, July 3rd: Going into Sunday night’s episode that was one of the many reasons why I have been completely over on of the two HOHs of the week, by default, Devin Shepherd.  Can I just tell you, my heart stopped when Julie announced he would be claiming the throne of HOH after Cody was disqualified from the competition for slipping before he hit the buzzer. It’s not like it did much to the dynamic of the game.  Cody and Devin are in the same alliance. It’s assumed that they would have nominated the same players anyways.  The other HOH who was crowned last Thursday was Amber.

The issue for me is that Devin has let “the power” he holds in the house to go straight to his head when he wasn’t HOH.  Now that he is HOH he is turning into an embarrassment for himself and his daughter.

Bullying:  For someone who wants to set a good example for his daughter he needs to reconsider his bullying ways.  I don’t care if he eventually apologizes for whatever it is he does, his behavior isn’t even defendable.  Especially his behavior toward Joey, Donny and Brittany.  Three people who really aren’t threats to his game, but he has let his mind get the better of him and has taken bizarrely drastic actions to confront them. I definitely do define his behavior toward his fellow contestants, Brittany and Joey, to be bullying.

He stomped around the house just to yell at Brittany because the house was a mess.  She left one bottle of lotion in the kitchen, which was filthy from dirty dishes and personal belongings that were left there by all houseguests.  None-the-less he dislikes Brittany so searched for her so she could take the brunt of his bullying weighs. I think yelling at her for the entire house being messy is nothing more than bullying your target.

Devin thinks Brittany is apparently a threat because she questions his irrationality, which he views as questioning his character and integrity to boot.  None-the-less and in her defense, he is crazy and I would question him too.  Not to mention his stories just aren’t adding up any more. The dude is losing control of his game.

The most recent beef he has toward Brittany and why he has put her on the block for elimination is because of how she responded to his House Meeting. That’s right, crazy Devin called a house meeting without discussing the meeting or thought behind it with his alliance, yet again.  Devin! What are you doing? You are in an alliance. Stop making personal moves and start thinking strategically and with The Bomb Squad!

Devin’s House Meeting: Devin called a house meeting that was attended by everyone except for Donny.  Devin felt the irrational and emotional need to come clean with the entire house about why Donny was nominated for eviction during the first week of the game.  It wasn’t because Donny was a threat, it wasn’t because he fell out of the first HOH game before the others in the house like Caleb and Frankie had told everyone, it wasn’t for any of the reasons that the house had already thought.

Devin took full responsibility for the nomination of Donny during Caleb and Frankie’s HOH telling the house that Donny was put up for elimination because of Devin himself.  He was paranoid and thought Donny was a threat.  The fact that Donny is such a great guy, and he truly is a great guy, made Devin realize that he had crossed a line he didn’t like having crossed.  He felt it set a bad example for his daughter so he had to come clean to ease his conscience.

Sorry buddy, but if you can’t live with a lie then you are playing the wrong game.  By telling the house the truth you have labeled two of your strongest allies and alliance members in the house as liars.  You have contradicted them, thrown them under the bus, and pointed out that they can’t be trusted. Since Frankie and Caleb were the HOHs who nominated Donny, along with Paola, Brittany and Victoria, you have now put a target on their backs because their nominees were strategic and not circumstantial like they had claimed.

This is all that Brittany was pointing out after the house meeting.  She simply pointed out that her having been nominated for the block during week one wasn’t circumstantial like Frankie and Caleb claimed if the nominations were decided by Devin and the others after strategically basing the nominations on their fears for who was strongest in the house. Brittany pointing this out isn’t her questioning Devin’s integrity.  It’s her calling him out on the fact of being full of it.

What type of example are you setting for your daughter Devin?  You are telling her that stabbing those who trust you in the back is okay as long as it makes you feel better about yourself.  Newsflash, that’s not how life works or a lesson I would want to teach my children. Frankly, I wouldn’t go on Big Brother to try and teach my children any lessons.  I just wouldn’t let them watch the show if I felt my child was too young to understand the difference between real life and a game on television.

It’s like Frankie said, if Devin want’s to be successful in this game then he needs to stop telling the truth every ten seconds.  He is making it impossible for his alliance to continue playing with him.

Battle of the Block: My hope was that after the Battle for the Block, which pitted Nicole and Hayden who were nominated by Amber against Devin’s nominees of Brittany and Paola, that Brittany and Paola would have won and taken HOH away from Devin.  Sadly, thanks to Devin’s evil ways this did not happen.  In his all to open of ways, he told Nicole and Hayden that they weren’t the targets this week.  With Amber sitting behind him like a scared rescue dog, he explained his plans for controlling the house this week.

Devin’s plan was straight forward.  Hayden and Nicole would play hard, apparently because he told them to, so that they would win the Battle of the Block and he would convince Paola to throw the competition.  This would insure his target, Brittany, would continue the week on the block.  He was successful!

Nicole and Hayden won this question and answer game by default.  Their points were won in large part by Paola and Brittany making inaccurate answers.

Now it’s time for Brittany to step up.  We can see she won’t back down to Devin’s bullying and intimidation.  I’m so happy to see her taking a strong stance against him.  If she wins veto I think Devin will be in for some trouble.

Joey has already made some waves in the house calling out the guys for controlling it before her early dismissal from the game. If Brittany wins HOH I guarantee you she, along with Nicole, Donny and I’m pretty sure Frankie, Derrick and Cody, will be out to get him.  He is pissing people off, stirring the pot and enlarging the target on his back every day.

Devin’s Criminal Past: I could take my hatred of Devin to another level. Earlier this morning I saw an article describing Devin’s criminal past and run-ins with the law, but I have to say that none of it sounds worthy of reporting on.  No offense to the writer of that article of course.  I simply mean when writing about game play in the context of my blog there isn’t a point to it. If he had something more on his record or in his background beyond petty shoplifting or one DUI I would probably blast his out of the house faults, but I don’t see how they are relevant.

He is plenty crazy on his own inside of this house. I hope all of his fellow houseguests are braced for a week of Devin on a power trip because that is exactly what they are in for.

Recap of Sunday Night’s Episode (Sunday, July 8th, Big Brother Season 16 Recap)

  • Nicole and Hayden won the Battle of the Block
  • Amber was dethroned as HOH
  • Devin became the Head of Household
  • Brittany and Paola remain on the block



Donny after winning Miami Lice on Big Brother 16! Source: CBS.com

Did you miss last night’s Big Brother? Catch up with this quick recap! Episode 4

Donny after winning Miami Lice on Big Brother 16! Source: CBS.com
Donny after winning Miami Lice on Big Brother 16! Source: CBS.com

Big brother is a time commitment.  I don’t think anyone will argue that so I realize that not all Big Brother fans watch all three weekly episodes.  You are in luck because I try to never miss a beat, which isn’t easy when it comes to a game that takes place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What happened on Wednesday’s episode (July 2nd) was pretty surprising if you don’t watch the live feeds or read spoiler blogs.  The episode started with the house celebrating Brittany and Victoria’s triumphant win in the previous episodes Battle for the Block.  Yet, while they drink champagne and toast in the kitchen Paola and Donny were bonding in one of the bed rooms.

Donny, well Donny really is an interesting character.  Paola, the self-described selfish person can’t help but want what is best for Donny because he is such a good guy.  She sees what I see while watching the show.

That’s why I was a bit surprised to see Devin continue to spiral out of control throughout the episode swearing Donny is a threat to The Bomb Squad.  Devin swore beyond reason that Donny has a military background.  If he does he is one heck of an actor because he just gives off innocent groundskeeper to me.  Obviously Frankie agrees with me as well.  None-the-less I typically think sensitivity is a weakness in a game like  this, but for Donny I see it as a strength.  He may not be able to move Devin’s stone heart, but if he can connect with someone like Paola I think he will be able to use that strength throughout the entire season.

With that off my chest let’s dive into what you really missed last night. The first topic I have to discuss is the alliances in the house.  What is going on with this cast?  Are they all mental?

To recap, we have seen the formation of the following alliances:

The Crazy Eights: Formed during the airing of episode 1, the first 8 houseguests who entered the house vowed to ban together as the first alliance.  This alliance, if you can even call it that, has fallen apart for the creation of more strategically formed alliances.

The Double D’s: Devin and Donny agreed to form a secret partnership.  The idea was that no one would suspect them to be working together.  Frankly, that was a pretty good plan until Devin decided to no longer keep up with this alliance.  While Donny thinks they still have some what of a bond, you can tell even he is a little skeptical of Devin.  This was the second alliance to form and crumble within the first 4 episodes of the season.

El Quatro: This was the first attempt at an all girls alliance made before the second 8 house guests were introduced.  It consisted of Paola, Amber, Joey and Nicole.  In theory, this could have been a pretty solid alliance, but was again formed too early.  There wasn’t enough momentum or urgency to keep them banded together or strategizing together.  As soon as the remaining houseguests joined them in the Big Brother House  El Quatro seemed to fade out of the light.

The Nerdy Girls: Nicole and Christine have formed a bond. I don’t know that you can even call it an alliance, but it’s clear that they have each other’s backs. They will be helping each other from beginning to end, even if this isn’t the only alliance they are both in.

These two are growing on me.  I didn’t have much to say about them besides the fact that they appear to be floaters, but I am starting to change my thought process.  Christine is smart. She is positioned well in the house. She has the protection of The Bomb Squad for the time being and has a very close friend in Nicole.  Two things I believe are necessary to be successful.

We got to watch these two as they stumbled around in the dark one night.  Jumping and screaming, it became evident that Nicole’s fear of ghosts has rubbed off on Christine.  Doesn’t make much sense, but it was cute.  Don’t worry girls, you aren’t in a haunted house. You are just locked in a sound stage.

The All Girls Alliance: Joey wanted to reawaken the feeble El Quatro Alliance and expand it to include all of the other girls.  With most of the girls in the bathroom, excluding Nicole and Christine, Joey tried her hardest to rally her troops.  Unfortunately for her no one seemed interested and Nicole and Christine ultimately seemed annoyed they weren’t included in the original discussion.  Joey  accidentally alienated herself even though she had a great idea.

To her misfortune Amber ran straight to Caleb to let him know of Joey’s plans.  Amber is part of The Bomb Squad now after Devin invited her in last week.

While I think it would have been better for Amber’s game to advocate for the All Girls Alliance so that she could be the stealthy watchful eye for The Bomb Squad I think it was too early to even try to form this alliance.  There were too many factors playing against Joey’s idea.  It’s sad because I think an All Girls Alliance is extremely necessary for the show.

The Bomb Squad: I’m still not fully clear who is an active member of The Bomb Squad and if it will even last beyond the first couple of weeks.  At most it seems like a group for Devin and Caleb to use to pad their incredibly large egos.

This alliance is made up of Devin, Caleb, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Amber and Christine. This alliance is basically half of the house. It can only last but so long before they have to start turning on each other. Regardless, they have the power right now and they are out for blood. They don’t seem to have much reason behind their targets besides a need for drama and excitement.  I bet they just get bored in the house.  Why else would they see Donny as a threat?  Bored paranoia is my simple guess.

The Veto Competition:

The competitors: 

  • Three Bomb Squad members: Caleb, Cody, and Zach
  • Victoria
  • Paola
  • Donny

The Game: Miami Lice

Objective: Players had to jump into the gigantic tub of soapy water, dive under a brush, search for letters on the back of fake lice and spell the longest word possible.

The Results:  A lot of embarrassment. From the beginning of the competition everyone seemed to be in shock of how slow Donny was moving, but he had a plan.  Move slow and you wont fall.  Move slow and you will not lose your train of thought.  Move slow and you will win the race.  Slow and steady like a turtle was his method and it paid out in the end.

Paola was aiming for Calculator, but came up short in the end.  She just couldn’t locate all of the letters she wanted.  Caleb couldn’t find enough letters either.  No one really sent it home so Donny cleaned up in the end.

With his win he was able to remove himself from the block meaning we have our first back door opportunity in the Big Brother House of season 16!  Caleb, as HOH, had the option of nominating someone safe again or nominating a threat.

I immediately was hoping that he was going to nominate Devin for his stupidity, but that was a no go.  Instead, Caleb had to stroke his ego and pad his masculinity and nominate Joey. It was pretty pathetic actually.  He couldn’t just nominate her for trying to form an alliance of all girls, but he had to belittle her for her idea of an all girls alliance.

He kept asking things along the lines of, “how could she be so stupid?”  He couldn’t figure out why she would even think about forming an alliance against him. Well, I don’t know that the idea was stupid, I think the execution was.  Regardless, she is on the block and it isn’t looking good for her.

Joey’s hair may not be the only thing that is blue for her this week… her mood may be a bit blue soon too.

Zankie Watch

There was, yet again, no hint at the budding relationship between Frankie and Zach on last night’s episode.  I guess I get it.  The potential showmance has nothing to do with the veto competition so why bother with it right now.  For all the show knows, there isn’t anything beyond cuddling going on between Zach and Frankie so waiting a bit to make a think out of is probably smart.

My hope is that Julie brings it up in tonight’s live episode. Here is to hoping!


Zankie! – Zach and Frankie on Big Brother gettin it on?

Bobby TBD:

Okay, I try my best not to read blogs that follow the live feeds. I couldn’t help but read this one when it came up in my newsfeed. Frankie and Zach may have a Big Brother showmance? I can’t wait to see it play out.

It’s going to be a summer of will they or won’t they.  I honestly think I may have to retract my “no live feeds or spoiler blogs” just for the sole purpose of searching for updates on this budding relationship. Stay tuned!

Originally posted on Big Brother Highlights:

Big news coming from the house this morning. Zankie — the showmance between Zach and Frankie — might be for real. Here’s the transcript of a conversation that happened between Cody and Brittany:

Zach Frankie

Assuming the feeling is mutual (which it seems to be) and that this isn’t all just some sort of elaborate strategy, we might get to see our very first male/male BB showmance. I’m not the only one who loves these two together. If/when they kiss, the internet will explode.

Here’s the full conversation between Brittany and Cody:

View original

Brittany and Victoria at The Battle of the Block Big Brother Bash after being nominated for elimination by Frankie.

Big Brother 16 Episode 3 Recap & My Thoughts

105008_d0190bWhen I watch Big Brother on CBS I watch it without visiting any spoiler sites, without keeping up with the twitter feeds or after dark. I simply watch the show as it airs on CBS.  That is the recap you will get from me. The unbiased, undiluted view of Big Brother Season 16.

The HOH Room:

Episode 3 aired last night and it was full of surprises just as we have already come to expect out of the Season of the Twists! The show began by revealing the changes in the Head of Household (HOH) room.  With two houseguests getting the title of HOH this season that would need a new and improved HOH room.  I guess it crossed my mind before, but at the same time I didn’t think anything of it until Frankie and Caleb came bounding onto the television announcing the familiar call of, “who wants to see my HOH room!”  There may be two people holding the title of HOH, but there is one room to share.

This season of Big Brother has gotten larger and so has the HOH room.  The new room has two sleeping rooms, to sitting areas and one very nice bathroom.  Nothing really all that exciting.  The houseguests weren’t any more exciting than the room itself once up there either.  It’s too early in the game for the regular reading of the HOH letters from home.  If you are home sick after week one you might as well give up now!

Joey explaining the pressure of having two HOHs this year! Her face says it all!
Joey explaining the pressure of having two HOHs this year! Her face says it all!

What I did get out of the HOH room scene was that the houseguests are aware that this season requires a lot more sucking up.  As Joey said, contestants have, “to do a lot more song and dance because there are two HOHs, 4 nominees and twice the chance of going up on the block.”

Jocasta Odom:

This is one houseguest I can’t take my attention from, because she irritates me so much!  I would say what I normally say, “I don’t know why though.”  But for once I completely know why someone is irritating me.  Yes, her ties are annoying.  Yes, to me her constant need to discuss religion is annoying.  I think she has a right to her beliefs and I support that right completely.  I just don’t need to hear about her prayers every time she is on the screen.  What really is irritating me though is how clueless she is.  She seems the most lost when it comes to figuring out how to play the game this season. She flat-out noted this in the diary room in commentary the editors decided to splice in at the beginning of the show when the houseguests were going to tour the HOH room.  We didn’t need her to explain that she is lost though.  It can be seen by the simple fact that none of the other houseguests seem to be paying much attention to her.  She doesn’t have an alliance and as far as friends go, she doesn’t seem to have any of those in the house yet either.  Maybe those of you watching to the live feeds have a different impression, but as I said, I only watch the show as it appears on CBS.

Paola, a houseguest who I thought was going to be strong but now am thinking isn’t, slyly asked Jocasta if she thought there were any alliances yet in the house.  We know Paola is aware of two already since she is in two alliances, but Jocasta seems to be clueless without any idea of what is going on around her.

Sorry Jocasta but everyone else in the house seems to be in one or more alliances already and has left you behind.  First there is the alliance of Nicole and Christine.  I’m not sure what they call themselves, but I am going to call them Clueless.


The show took a turn for the random by letting us watch all the house guests in the yard.  This featured Nicole and Christine in a very intimate conversation about trust.  The new nerd alliance, Clueless, was officially formed.  I like both girls as far as their personalities go.  They are quirky and cute.  What more can you ask for? Oh yea, some entertainment.

Simply put, I was so bored of their conversation. The only thing remotely entertaining was the fact that they seemed pretty clueless, hence my choice of name for them.  They think they are better than the other girls in the house because they shop at Wal-Mart and can talk about things other than makeup.  It irritates me when people make commentary like this.  Just because people care about their appearances doesn’t make them dumb.  You may be able to talk about other things besides makeup but your conversation noted how attractive the cast is.  You are pretty much on the same level as everyone else.  They seem to be a bit close minded, but that’s okay.  They will be floaters throughout the entire season kept around with Jocasta until the more powerful players need to cut someone without putting a target on their back.

The Bomb Squad:

Frankie and Caleb decided to try to work together early in the episode.  This was predictable since they are both HOHs as of the start of the episode.  Caleb felt confident in their decision to work together as did Frankie, but they quickly realized that an alliance of two wasn’t good enough.  There is strength in numbers so Caleb and Frankie invited Devin and Derrick into their new alliance.

The thought was to make it an all guys alliance and Devin pounced on the opportunity. He immediately wanted to bring Cody into the mix. Derrick on the other hand was more hesitant.  While he entertained the conversation and went along with the guys he had a different tune in the diary room:

“To trust somebody with your life in this game is ludicrous.”

I couldn’t agree more.  He displayed hesitation as well he should have.  I said it last week and I will say it again.  Early alliances are a waste of time.  You don’t know who you can actually trust.  I know that I am not good at judging people at first glance.  I don’t think many people are. It takes time, energy and effort to learn if someone is trustworthy or not.

The Bomb Squad was rounded out with two additions.  Cody, at Devin’s delight, and Zach.  Zach came at Zach’s own delight.  He felt he was needed in the strong guy alliance because he is also a guy who brings the added bonus of brains.  I think I just vomited inside of my mouth.

Frankie seemed very excited about his alliance of men.  He had a plan to infiltrate a jock alliance before even entering the house and this fell right in line.

They think they have brains, strength, numbers and stealth on their side.  Caleb prematurely declared, “the girls in this house are not smart, nowhere near to pick up on anything” when referring to The Bomb Squads ability to stay a secret among the 6 members.

Well, I agree.  The girls in the house haven’t shown me much brains or balls yet, but I think they have it in them.  If they don’t have it in them then they can count on Devin to ruin the guys master plan.  Devin, what were you thinking?

As I said, Devin seemed a bit too eager to join a guy alliance.  Probably the most eager out of everyone.  What I saw in his face was the excitement of a child.  It hit me, he is a super fan who has just had the best thing in the world presented to him.  He feels strong and in control.  To his own detriment, he let it go to his head.  It’s my opinion that the creation of The Bomb Squad is the downfall of Devin.

Shelly Moore, Big Brother 13
Shelly Moore, Big Brother 13

First he has already backstabbed one of his first alliances with Donny. He is still playing Donny, but none-the-less has outwardly stated that he doesn’t have Donny’s back like he is leading Donny to believe.  He also runs the risk of becoming that annoying parent of this season.  Remember Shelly Moore from Big Brother 13?  It’s cute to say you are in it for your children once or twice, but don’t make a habit of it. Sympathy from the viewing audience can quickly turn to annoyance if you aren’t careful.

Oh Devin, I don’t think he will make it far enough in the game to annoy the audience though.  He let his excitement get the better of him.  Yes, making big moves is how you win the game, but it’s not the only thing you need to win the game.  You need to think strategically, never screw your alliance, and never get caught in a lie.  He screwed his alliance.

As fast as the alliance was formed it started to see shock waves when Devin decided to make big moves without consulting his alliance first. While Caleb was sleeping peacefully at 4:30 am he was woken abruptly by Devin who informed him that he:

  1. Thought there should be girls in the all guys alliance to get intel from the other side of the house; and
  2. He thought those girls should be Amber and Christine; and
  3. He told them about the alliance, who was in it and all of their secrets.

Christine and Amber didn’t know how to respond or what to think. Christine went as far as thanking him for letting them know… but he probably should have.  Like Cody and Derrick, the girls went along with the alliance to save face.

Later in the morning when the others are awake Devin walks in and let’s Derrick and Franking know about the new members. He didn’t ask he informed as if he were the captain.  You could see agitation written all over Frankie and Derrick’s faces.  Cody walked in and immediately showed his frustration with Devin bringing in half the house into the squad.  He refers to him as a loose cannon.  He is.  If he doesn’t get back doored this week then he will be out soon enough.  No one can trust him and as Derrick said, “he is putting a large target on his back.” By the end of the episode I think every member of The Bomb Squad was questioning why they had ever decided to work with Devin.

The Nominees for Eviction: 

Brittany and Victoria at The Battle of the Block Big Brother Bash after being nominated for elimination by Frankie.
Brittany and Victoria at The Battle of the Block Big Brother Bash after being nominated for elimination by Frankie.

Pretty much, both Caleb and Frankie want to make as little waves as possible in the first week of evictions.

Frankie wants to put up the first two people who fell in the second competition.  Brittany and Victoria were nominated.  Frankie claimed it was because they were the first two to get out of the second HOH game.  Victoria was livid.  Frankie and her decided on night one to work together.  If he didn’t want to make waves, then putting her up wasn’t a smart idea.  He tried to pull it off, but his efforts were fruitless.  She didn’t buy it and their allegiance to each other has ended, even if he doesn’t realize it yet.  Luckily for him, he doesn’t really need her.

Paola and Donny preparing for The Battle of the Block after being nominated by Caleb!
Paola and Donny preparing for The Battle of the Block after being nominated by Caleb!

Caleb argued for one guy and one girl being nominated by both to keep suspicion of their being a guys alliance to a minimum.  He nominated Paola and Donny. Donny handled it with grace knowing they hadn’t had a chance to bond and he was the first guy to fall in the HOH challenge.

The Battle of the Block:

The game this round was The Big Brother Bash.  On go they had to start swinging in large . One side had a vase full of berries in it and the other had a champagne fountain.  One team member must catch champagne in a champagne glass, swing to meet their teammate in the middle and pass the champagne from their glass to their teammate’s. The first team to fill up their vase so a berry falls out would win.

Victoria and Brittanywon taking themselves off the block and dethroning Franking as HOH.  Dethroning sounds so painful! Regardless, I want to see Brittany go farther in the game and Frankie seems plenty safe so I am happy with the results of the game.  Donny and Paola remain on the block.  Caleb remains HOH.  All we have left is the veto competition!

Will Paola or Donny win and get taken off the block?  We will find out soon enough!