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download July 01

To Start Using YouTube or Not To Start Using YouTube

 OR      I’ve spent a lot of time lately discussing social media with friends and colleagues alike.  What platforms are the best, what should I be using, what are you using, what are best practices and many other questions have arisen. The theme that seems to have a few of us thinking the hardest […]

AHHHH How do I learn to eat healthier?

How do people jump from diet to diet to diet? I just want to live my life and enjoy my life. That includes enjoying what I put into my body.  Is that really so bad? Apparently it is! This is something I have been struggling with for a couple years now. When I was in […]

images (3) June 23

Finally! A cheaper solution to my daily Iced Coffee addiction!

Yes, you are correct. I am still searching for the perfect way to make an amazing cup of Iced Coffee at home.  It’s been a dramatic fight over something that probably seems silly to a lot of people out there.  Especially people who don’t drink coffee or understand the cravings that come along with it. […]


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