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2B2A15D000000578-0-image-a-3_1438914539571 November 25

I wish Rosie O’Donnell would step up her feud with Donald Trump again!

For as long as I have been aware of who Rosie O’Donnell is I have had a love and hate relationship as far as my opinion on her has gone.  Yet, as I look back at who she is and what she stands for I don’t know that my judgments of her have been fair. […]

images (1) November 20

I need a temporary unfriend button for FB this election cycle!

I can’t decide what is going to be harder. Getting through the election cycle or getting through the Refugee crisis and related debate. Either way I have realized that I am way to passionate about both topics for my own good. I wish Facebook had an “I’m angry unfriend” button that allowed you to click […]

cecil1_3391546b July 30

Don’t come at us for caring about Cecil the Lion!

Often times I struggle when I want to reply to a friend or acquaintance that writes something, says something or posts something on social media that I adamantly disagree with.  Most of the time I am told to look the other way and not to engage with people. Confrontation is just not worth the energy […]

walter-palmer July 28

Send Walter Palmer back to Zimbabwe!

By now Mr. Walter Palmer, a murder and dentist from Minnesota, has become a household name around the world after it become international knowledge that he is the killer of Cecil the famous Zimbabwean lion.  The killing took place during a paid hunting trip while he was a tourist in Zimbabwe, his two hunting guides, […]

Donald-Trumps-Hair_zpswqc4ev8g July 10

Why would anyone vote for Donald Trump?! Don’t blindly follow the comb-over!

  Trump talks politics like an uneducated ranting child, it baffles my mind that so many people in the United States of America actually are considering voting for this man in the next presidential election.  Once again I am looking at a candidate for president that has blinded the American populace with his words, but […]

Laurence Einuis -- Photo by March 13

Laurence Einuis… Guilty and in Prison

In June of 2014 I wrote a few articles about an old high school teacher of mine named Laurence Einuis from West Springfield High School who took local media in Northern Virginia by storm when he was arrested.  Mr. Einuis was a longstanding educator, mentor and band director in the Springfield, VA community in which […]

photo courtesy of ABC The View September 26

Nicolle Wallace’s comments on our soldiers at war offends me

Is Nicolle Wallace going to be another Elisabeth Hassellback or is she going to drive me insane? I loved watching Elisabeth, which is saying something as I am a flaming liberal.  I disagreed with her, but I at least felt she spoke intelligently and respectfully. Nicolle Wallace is new to me, like many viewers of […]


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