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10580071_10102081457035466_3935882650269285745_n October 31

My Halloween Costumes through the years!

Since I feel like I have only put in a quarter of the effort as I usually do for Halloween I felt like a quick trip through memory lane is necessary. This year we are featuring Where’s Waldo: Here we are featuring Wilson and Tom Hanks from Castaway in 2013. Cowboys for The Painted Turtle’s […]

image1 July 21

Self-diagnosing the cause of this headache

To say I was in a funk last week would be an understatement.  When Monday morning woke me up with those bitter rays of sunshine last week I immediately felt the cosmic pull dragging me into a string of bad days.  From the moment my eyes opened I knew I had a busy week ahead […]

Bobby and Blair in 2012 after first starting to date at Boxers NYC. July 11

After 8 years, we had our first date!

2004: Remember the days before Grindr and OkCupid?  When we had to either use antiquated social sites like or to find other gay men in our area to be friends with, or to do other things with?  Back in 2004 I was one of those people using to see who else was […]

Two Legs and a Twat

Originally posted on Betty, Travelling:
Scotty called it Two Legs and a Twat? It was always in the form of a question. In California, whenever I would bitch about a crappy day job, rickety actor cars and/or not getting the eighth supporting role in some shitty play in a rat-hole he would look at me…

social-networks July 02

Personal views on Social Media Audiences: Twitter, Facebook, WordPress & Instagram

In a world overwhelmed by social media we have had to learn how we are comfortable integrating social media into our lives.  It’s a crazy web opening up our lives to millions of people.  Depending on the social media site you are using faceless, nameless people you have never met can comment both positively and […]

los-angeles July 01

Which city has the better commute? NYC or LA?

The grass is always greener on the other side.  That is what they say anyways and I am starting to see why.  Especially when it comes to commuting to and from work in Los Angeles when compared to commuting in New York City. After having spent about 6 years commuting to work in New York […]

download July 01

To Start Using YouTube or Not To Start Using YouTube

 OR      I’ve spent a lot of time lately discussing social media with friends and colleagues alike.  What platforms are the best, what should I be using, what are you using, what are best practices and many other questions have arisen. The theme that seems to have a few of us thinking the hardest […]


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