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Runyon_Canyon_Pano July 08

Alternative Activities to Help You Get Exercise!

My new favorite thing to do is finding ways to be active without having to think about it.  Sometimes going to the gym or hitting the pavement for a run is just too darn daunting.  It’s tough, especially if you just started trying to live a healthier lifestyle and lose weight, which is exactly the […]

FitBit Food Tracker June 30

Food Trackers, I guess it’s the only way to curb my junk food habit

The hardest part about being someone who other’s view as in shape, but who is also struggling with his weight is finding supportive help in the process.  People just don’t have sympathy for me when I complain about my weight and how to curb the growing tide of fat that is encompassing my body. No, […]

images (1) June 26

How I got myself to go to the gym again

I did it! I’m not impressed with myself, but I am proud of myself.  I went to the gym after work today.  I could have easily gone straight home, walked my dogs and bummed around.  Instead I made the choice to set my Waze app to direct me on how to get to my gym […]

AHHHH How do I learn to eat healthier?

How do people jump from diet to diet to diet? I just want to live my life and enjoy my life. That includes enjoying what I put into my body.  Is that really so bad? Apparently it is! This is something I have been struggling with for a couple years now. When I was in […]

I love(d) my FitBit until I needed help

Have you joined the FitBit revolution?  Honestly, I think it’s worth joining.  I’ve used both FitBit and the Nike Fuelband.  While they both track much of the same information I have found that FitBit just is a better device with a better dashboard and until today have had no complaints for the past 6 months. […]

Over eat, under eating, junk food to healthy food – Tough Choices

Everyone in California seems to eat all natural and healthy foods. That being the case, it couldn’t escape my mind that I don’t eat that healthy.  It’s not new news to me to have come to the realization that I don’t know how to eat well.  Portions, nutrition, calorie intake and healthy choices are all […]

Finally at 75%, time to gym

When the alarm sang out this morning my eyes popped open and I looked around a bit dazed.  The snooze button was hit, per the usual morning ritual, and I rolled over to cuddle with my man.  Five minutes later the alarm sang out again.  If you don’t have an iPhone I don’t have to […]


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