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Blogs posted to California Experiences will cover a wide range of topics focusing on my experiences in California since moving here from New York City in February of 2013.

Seriously? I crashed my Jeep before pulling out of the driveway…

When I turned on my computer this morning and pulled up NBC News my eyes were immediately pulled to an article titled “Is Today Really the Most Depressing Day of the Year?” I will confidently answer this question without even reading the article.  My answer?  Well, I do in fact find this day to be […]

Smudging your home – Cast out negative energy

While innocently walking through my office Thursday afternoon my colleague stopped me to say, You know Bobby, you sure are having some bad luck in your apartment. Maybe you should cleanse the place. Get rid of negative energy, spirits, etc. Just get some sage and sage your apartment as well as yourself and your boyfriend. […]

Fighting a case of the Mondays

Waking up on a Monday morning is the same for me no matter what coast I am living on. It’s simply brutal.  The alarm clock goes off and I instantly groan.  Within seconds, but rarely feeling like it is quick enough for my liking, my boyfriend hits the snooze button. We then cuddle until the […]

Coyote rib cage… redefined coyote ugly for me!

Nature is something that surrounds you when you live Los Angeles, CA.  Something I had known was going to be the case, but I hadn’t really wrapped my head around the full meaning.  That has changed now however. Since moving to California I have gone on a number of hikes.  Every time I ventured out […]

Wishing the phone would ring – Family

Typically I hate when my phone rings.  That may sound strange, but I find 80% of the phone calls I answer or make tend to be a waste of my time and who has time to waste these days?  Staying true to my age I would prefer a nice long instant message conversation.  Yes, I’m […]

The California DMV Tanked My Mood

As last week came to an end I announced to my boyfriend, my mother, some colleagues and other friends that I just had to hold out until Monday, May 20th and I will be able to start a new week.  All the stress of back to back travel, events (both work and personal, and a […]

Learning to wake up in LA

Since moving to Los Angeles from New York City I have learned that there are many differences between LA and NYC.  Some of these differences are minor and some are major and with that said, some may be minor but seem major to me.  One of the changes that I am still adjusting to is […]


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