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My Halloween Costumes through the years!

Since I feel like I have only put in a quarter of the effort as I usually do for Halloween I felt like a quick trip through memory lane is necessary.

This year we are featuring Where’s Waldo:



Here we are featuring Wilson and Tom Hanks from Castaway in 2013.


Cowboys for The Painted Turtle’s 2013 Halloween Camp on the Move.



Alexander the Great and his…concubine.



Luck of the Irish after my heritage.


And of course the Native American also after my heritage.



And because every holiday should be a reason to dress up, the Holiday Elf!


Nicolle Wallace’s comments on our soldiers at war offends me

photo courtesy of ABC The View
photo courtesy of ABC The View

Is Nicolle Wallace going to be another Elisabeth Hassellback or is she going to drive me insane? I loved watching Elisabeth, which is saying something as I am a flaming liberal.  I disagreed with her, but I at least felt she spoke intelligently and respectfully.

Nicolle Wallace is new to me, like many viewers of the ABC show The View.  The first clip I’ve watched of Nicolle on the show has already gotten under my skin.  I am deeply offended by her and her choice to say:

In this country we don’t all go to war right? The military families go to war. Those mom’s and dad’s of soldiers, men and women, the wives, the kids, they go years without seeing their kids. Those deployments are endless.

I think it’s doing our military a disservice to say they are the only ones at war. To say their families are the only ones in America who are at war with them is just wrong. While I agree they may go through a lot more I disagree with Nicolle’s comments none-the-less.

Nicolle, you’re a conservative right? Well I think your comments are ignorant and foolish and not because you are a conservative, but because you seem to forget one important thing. We are the United States of America. We are one country united in a belief of freedom and democracy. When one man or woman stands behind enemy lines we stand with them. Maybe not in person, but in spirit.

If we didn’t then what is the point in joining the military to defend the people of this great country?  They are fighting for us, but also with us.

I’m sick of political commentators being separatist. There are thousands of men and women around this country who stand behind our men and women in arms. They cook food, they prepare care packages, they send letters, they perform with the USO, they train dogs to go overseas and watch as they are shipped off.  It’s just not right to negate all the other people who support our soldier and contribute to our many war efforts.

I think military men and women and their families deserve 100% of our respect, gratitude and admiration.  That’s where Nicolle and I probably agree.

None-the-less we are all one. We are America.  Remember after 9/11 when you would drive down the road and see flags flying from car windows, bumper magnets supporting our troops, and symbols remembering those we lost.

We can’t separate ourselves from the men and women in uniform or isolate them and their families. We need to stand beside them and behind them. We need to stand as one because they aren’t alone in their efforts to fight for freedoms around the world.

As a child of the military, my dad being a retired Colonel in the army, I grew up seeing just how many men and women dedicate their lives to our army, but aren’t actually enlisted. While they may not be risking their lives like soldiers they may be putting in the necessary effort to build safe tanks or safety equipment that is just as vital. Or they may stand and prey for their neighbors every night whom they love and cherish but know are overseas fighting.

Our military is a team. It’s a family and it’s a country. We are the United States and when one of us is at war we all are at war whether we agree with the war or not.

And I don’t agree with war.


Time to Tweet for Good! Join me in supporting clean beaches on Social Media.




As a resident of Los Angeles, California I feel it is my obligation to help keep one of our greatest natural resources clean and healthy.  That’s why I am personally supporting Heal the Bay on September 20th for Coastal Cleanup Day.

If you are reading this, whether you are from California or all the way on the other side of the world in a country like Japan you can help make this year’s Coastal Cleanup Day a huge success.

On this day hundreds of thousands of volunteers around the world join together to cleanup their local beaches, rivers, creeks and watersheds. That includes over 10,000 people in the LA area according to the Heal the Bay website.

I see events like this as having multiple goals.  Personally I see it as a great day to cleanup our beaches and coastal waterways, but also as a way to raise awareness throughout Southern California and the rest of the world about pollution in our waters.

How can you raise awareness from the comfort of your home and help this day become a huge success? Join Heal the Bay’s Thunderclap campaign.

It’s like a giant online flashmob, and if it goes as planned, they will have hundreds of people tweeting the same message about Coastal Cleanup Day at the same time. This could result in #CoastalCleanupDay trending, which is great news for everyone.

All you have to do is signup to share your support for Coastal Cleanup Day on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.). You will help inform the world about how many people value clean beaches.

Join here:

Invite your friends to join, share on Facebook and retweet as much as possible.

The Labor Day of #LivinLikeLindsay

This Labor Day weekend I am traveling to Palm Springs with a bunch of guys to celebrate the end of summer.  We’ve rented two houses.  The first is being referred to as the House of Jane and the Second is the House of Oprah after the celebrities Jane Fonda and Oprah Winfrey.

As my anticipation for this trip grew I decided to watch a Jane Fonda movie.  It was hard to pick what I wanted to arrive from Netflix this past week, but I decided on Georgia Rule and quickly found my love for Lindsay Lohan reawakening.

Lindsay Lohan, like myself, is no stranger to controversy, criticism, and scandal.  Basically she is human, but in the public eye. It’s unfortunate, unfair, but a reality.

I feel like I have grown up with Lindsay since we are the same age and I watched her grow through her career.  From The Parent Trap and Life-Size to her roles on Liz & Dick to 2 Broke Girls I feel as if I haven’t missed a moment of her career.

I also haven’t missed a moment of her downward spiral from falling outside of nightclubs to repeat visits to the courthouse. Now I watch as she tries to turn her life around. Lindsay has been through it all and I have watched her struggles and triumphs. 

What I think a lot of people get out of Lindsay’s life and what is covered of it in the media. That she has an addiction problem and is a hot mess.  People often seem anxious to see her fail.

I’m the opposite. I see a woman who is strong. She has battled addictions and family turmoil.  She has withstood the legal system and constant media pressure.  She’s even taken a verbal beat down from Oprah.  This girl is strong and I don’t think she gets the credit for it.

Regardless of my respect for her I love her so much that I have to enjoy the funny parts of her life in the media.  That’s why I have decided this Labor Day weekend to be dedicated to Lindsay Lohan. The good, the bad and the hilarious. I am going to try to take pictures reenacting different images of her throughout the weekend and post them with the hashtag #LivinLikeLindsay.  From drunken stumbles to throwing shade across the room, Lindsay Lohan always knows how to make a photo memorable.

I hope that this is seen as fun and not as mocking of her. I simply adore her talent and strength, but can’t help but poke fun at her and myself. I’m also known for partying a little hard so it’s just the perfect fit for a trip to Palm Springs with a group of 20 gay men.

Before I start with the bad photos though I have to post a few of my favorite pictures of Lindsay Lohan looking amazing!

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This sick pug needs your help! Troy’s Vet Care

Troy’s Vet Care | Medical Expenses –

Will you help this beautiful little dog get the medical care he needs? According to Pug Nation Rescue of Los ANgeles’ Facebook Page:

Animal Samaritans SPCA reached out to us Friday as they found an injured Pug running the streets in their desert community and they simply did not have the resources to help him. We have had a record number of rescues these past few months, but we simply could not say no to little TROY.

Troy, who is estimated to be only three years old, has a huge infected abscess on his neck and it appears he was viciously bitten and the injury was not treated. The shelter staff was alarmed as the wound was bleeding and there was a horrible odor, plus Troy could not hold down any food or even water. We picked him up Saturday morning and brought him to our emergency vet to get immediate blood work and xrays. The abscess needs to be lanced and cleaned, but Troy has been so weak, he cannot even tolerate anesthesia so for now he’s been on antibiotics, IV fluids and meds to calm his distressed tummy. The vets think his throat may have fragments inside that will later need to be surgically removed, but all that remains to be seen.

He has a long road ahead of him…besides his throat, he is undernourished, has an eye ulcer and who knows what other problems will turn up. But Pug Nation will stand by him every step of the way. This morning he was transferred to a specialty vet center and we are hoping he will be strong enough for some important procedures soon. A ray of hope yesterday as he ate his first meal since he was rescued.

Troy needs healing love and prayers; he was a sweet, good boy on his car trip to Los Angeles, nuzzling into a comfy bed and sleeping, but he is also terrified and confused and hurting. Who knows how long this poor Pug was roaming the streets in pain? We shudder with the thought.

We will do what we can to help this little man…can you assist us? Please click the link below and donate if you possibly can. Thank you for your support.

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston, let me help you with your egg problem

Is it me or does it seem that everyone in Los Angeles lives, eats and sleeps entertainment and celebrities?  It’s a hobby here just as much as a career.  Unfortunately for me, trying to find a hobby is pretty hard.  When you have no clue what type of hobby you are looking for and following celebrities doesn’t suit you, what do you do?

In my life I have done it all or at least tried it all.  I’ve tried dance, color guard, playing the trombone, the piano, and the recorder obviously.  I’ve tried running, kayaking, swimming and frequenting the gym. I’ve tried painting, sewing, and knitting.  I’ve tried reading and writing, but more recently I have tried baking.  I feel like I’ve tried it all.

Baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes is one of the hobbies that I am going to be continuing.  There is something relaxing about baking the perfect cake.  I think it has to do with my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  Baking can be about measurements and recipes. Everything is spelled out for me.  If I follow the instructions exactly I know my cake will turn out perfectly.  If I decorate it slowly and with concentration I know it will be beautiful. It calms me down, which someone with OCD needs because I spend a lot of time with obsessive thoughts repeating in my head.

The issue with this hobby is that baking is expensive.  You have to buy eggs, flower, cake flower, sugar, vanilla, and many other ingredients.  I forgot, you also have to buy all the supplies like mixers and bowls. I’d give anything to just have one ingredient free to help cut the cost of this expensive but needed hobby. I haven’t baked in over a month. Instead I am stuck with exercise and television.

Earlier tonight I was watching episodes of Chelsea Lately that I had on my DVR.  The guest on the episode I was watching was Chelsea’s dear friend, Jennifer Aniston’s partner Justin Theroux.  Chelsea is at her best when she knows her guest and today was no different.

The story they discussed that really caught my attention was when Justin explained how he and Jennifer have so many chickens they don’t know what to do with all the eggs.  Just to get rid of them they take them to people when they visit their homes.  Everyone except Chelsea that is. She wouldn’t use them.

Well, I have a solution for them.  I know this contradicts what I said above, but I think Chelsea can invite me over to her place one day.  Then Jennifer and Justin can come by and bring their eggs.  We can all hang out. Then I can leave with their eggs and bake a fabulous cake.

That’s not weird is it? It can be an egg party. I’m just saying Justin, let me help you out with your egg problem… it has nothing to do with my being a fan of Chelsea, Jennifer and you!