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2B2A15D000000578-0-image-a-3_1438914539571 November 25

I wish Rosie O’Donnell would step up her feud with Donald Trump again!

For as long as I have been aware of who Rosie O’Donnell is I have had a love and hate relationship as far as my opinion on her has gone.  Yet, as I look back at who she is and what she stands for I don’t know that my judgments of her have been fair. […]

images (1) November 20

I need a temporary unfriend button for FB this election cycle!

I can’t decide what is going to be harder. Getting through the election cycle or getting through the Refugee crisis and related debate. Either way I have realized that I am way to passionate about both topics for my own good. I wish Facebook had an “I’m angry unfriend” button that allowed you to click […]

imagesizer September 23

Trump Boycotts Fox News – News Channels… Boycott Trump!

Donald Trump Boycotts Fox News I can’t speak for everyone in this country, but I can speak for myself. It is my opinion that Donald Trump is nothing but a joke. He isn’t a serious candidate and it is time that the mainstream media starts treating him as such. Today he announced that he would […]

cecil1_3391546b July 30

Don’t come at us for caring about Cecil the Lion!

Often times I struggle when I want to reply to a friend or acquaintance that writes something, says something or posts something on social media that I adamantly disagree with.  Most of the time I am told to look the other way and not to engage with people. Confrontation is just not worth the energy […]

walter-palmer July 28

Send Walter Palmer back to Zimbabwe!

By now Mr. Walter Palmer, a murder and dentist from Minnesota, has become a household name around the world after it become international knowledge that he is the killer of Cecil the famous Zimbabwean lion.  The killing took place during a paid hunting trip while he was a tourist in Zimbabwe, his two hunting guides, […]

161618_600 July 23

Trump Considers 3rd Party Run

It’s happened. Apparently Donald Trump and I think alike! Has hell frozen over? Nope, he just realized that maybe the Republican party isn’t for him and the Republican party has realized maybe he isn’t right for them. It’s about time. According to an article on Politico Donald Trump has said he may possibly run as […]

url19 July 22

It’s time for the Republican Party to Take back the Party from Trump and the Tea Party!

Who does Donald Trump represent? There has been a lot of conversation around this question lately. Some people say he clearly represents a majority of the Republican Party. If he didn’t then how is he playing so well in the opinion polls lately? Some established Republicans claim he is a plant by the Democrats. An embarrassment […]


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