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hillary_clinton_2015_campaign_photo_logo February 04

New Hampshire Voters and Hillary: Can she do it?

When Monday’s Iowa Caucus rolled into reality I was blown away by one thing that kept being repeated on CNN. The volume of undecided voters on both the Republican and Democratic side of the caucus. It baffled and still baffles me that people will show up to vote without knowing who the heck they are […]

tumblr_ntwxhlKdzr1rb2ltlo1_500 February 04

Yes, Some Bernie Supporters are going too far!

Over the past month or two there have been a number of articles, blogs and many discussions about Bernie supporters and their behaviors online. They viciously attack Hillary Clinton and her supporters. Not her policies, but her personally. They don’t debate views or stances with her supporters, they call people names, insults and use derogatory terms. Some […]

20150817-Donald-Trump February 03

Trump, The Childish Politician

The first votes have been counted. Iowans have caucused and their voices have been heard. Good Lord people are not happy about it. On the Republican side we have Trump is claiming outright fraud. On the Democrats side of the aisle we have Bernie Sanders considering a recount. The entire night I was biting my […]

Featured Image -- 3308 February 02

Bernie Who? Hillary’s Been There For LGBT

Originally posted on johnsmithchicago:
How soon people forget what staunch allies Bill and Hillary Clinton have been to the LGBT community and how hard they fought during their White House years (and today) for funding for HIV/AIDS. Clinton was steadfast in fighting for money for finding a cure for this horrible disease and just like today,…

debate-showdown December 16

Who won the Dec. 15th Republican Debate? I think Jeb Bush

As the December 15th Republican Debate approached I waited in anticipation expecting a fight to the death.  Thanks to the insane and nasty rhetoric coming out of the Trump camp, the volatile swings between candidates leading up to the debate and the desperation from all candidates as polling numbers shift around and the first primary approaches […]

download December 15

Refugees are human beings. We should accept them into the US!

It’s no secret that I wholeheartedly believe that the United States should accept Syrian refugees and help them resettle here in the land of the free, the brave and the land where you can dream of a better tomorrow.  Since the Paris Attacks in November which were then followed by the attack in San Bernardino […]

2016-gop-dark-horse-candidates December 11

What is going on with the Republican Party. It’s time they split.

Every 4 years we have a presidential election here in the United States. For me, it’s like football season. It starts with the party primaries followed by the general election that ends with election night or my version of the Super Bowl! When Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were fighting it out in the primaries […]


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